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What Color Is Your Parachute? Practical Manual for Job-Hunters & Career-Changers

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Does the title suggest you something? Isn’t the title making you curious to know about Career Tips? Well, What color is your parachute is a famous book written by Richard Nelson Bolles in 1970 that is beautifully and rationally written to help job seekers. It is a practical manual for the job- hunters and career-changers. Ever since this pandemic had hit us, there has been a slump in jobs and millions of people are jobless seeking to get new opportunities. So, This old and gold-written book will help immensely in nowadays stressful times and job seekers can get help with how to approach for interviews.

The parachute approach starts with self-reflection⁠-who are you, what do you like, what are you good at, and what do you value the most? By deciding what you would like, rather than what the work market wants, you’ll set yourself on a path to career satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

9 Lessons for Job Hunters & Career Changers – Career Tips

Lesson 1: It’s an entire New World for Job-Hunters

Career Tips for Job Hunters
Credit: HR Katha

In today’s world, he or she who gets hired isn’t necessarily the one who can do this job best; but, the one who knows the foremost about the way to get hired.

The best Career Tips is; Go after any organization that interests you, whether or not they’re known to possess a vacancy. Looking at small companies (with 25, 50, or 100 employees at most). These are the simplest ones for a job-hunter or career-changer to approach, especially job-hunters with handicaps, or older job-hunters, or returning vets. Cheer up! Yes, it’s a fresh job-hunting world out there. But you’re not powerless, up against vast forces you can’t control. You control this one thing in particular else: how you search.

Lesson 2: Google Is a New Resume To Display Your Skills

Google Is a New Resume To Display Your Skills
Credit: The Indian Express

Almost all U.S. employers have visited employment hunter’s profiles on social networks, and quite 69% of employers have rejected some applicants on the idea of what they found. An employer will offer someone employment because they liked what Google turned up about them. Most importantly, make certain to stay each profile up-to-date…Week by week, or at the smallest amount, month by month. I mentioned LinkedIn; make certain to urge thereon, if you’re not already. It’s the location of the first resort when some employer is interested in you. Expand your presence on the web. the way to do this? Several ways: Forums, Blogs, Twitter, and Social media platforms.

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Lesson 3: There Are Over 10 Million Vacancies Available Monthly

Over 10 Million Vacancies Available Monthly
Credit: Medical Dialogues

Job-hunting is all about characteristics of the job and in its essence is most like another act that we call dating. Both shakedown to: “Do you wish to hire me?” and “Do I fit for this profile?”. You are not powerless during the job-hunt. Maybe the employer has an awesome amount of power within the whole job-hunt. But the employer doesn’t hold all the cards. Job-hunting is, or should be, a full-time job. If your job-hunt isn’t working, you want to increase the quantity of time you’re devoting to your job-hunt.

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Lesson 4: Few Recommendations On Interviewing For Employment

Few Recommendations On Interviewing For Employment
Credit: The Balance Careers

Keep in mind that the interview might not be face to face: 60% of companies now report that they often do video interviews. Find out everything you’ll about them. Google them. attend their website if they need one, and skim everything there that’s hidden under the heading “About Us.” If it had been you who asked for the interview, not them, remove their dread of this visit by specifying what proportion of time you’re asking of them.

Lesson 5: The Six Secrets of Salary Negotiation – Career Tips

Six Secrets of Salary Negotiation - Career Tips
Credit: LiveCareer

For now, let me hammer home this first Secret: it’s in your best interest not to discuss the salary. Not until you’ve decided, “I really would really like to figure here.” Not until they’ve conveyed the sensation, “We’ve need to have you ever.” A range between rock bottom they’re hoping to pay, vs. the very best they will afford to pay, which range is what the negotiation is all about. Where salary negotiation has been successfully kept offstage for much of the interview process, when it finally does come up, you would like the employer to be the primary one to say a figure, if you most likely can.

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Lesson 6: What to try to When Your Job-Hunt Just Isn’t Working

What to try to When Your Job-Hunt Just Isn’t Working
Credit: Internal Audit 360

With the second thanks to search for work — let’s call it The Parachute Way (everybody does, except me) — you start with yourself rather than the job market. Looking for employers’ job-postings on the Internet works on the average of the time. If you’re a trade unionist, particularly within the trades or construction, and you’ve got access to a union placement office, this method will find you’re employed.

Lesson 7: Understand about your skills and abilities better

Understand about your skills and abilities better
Credit: Resume Skill For Jobs
  • GATHER. Put everything you recognize about yourself on one piece of paper.
  • ORGANIZE. Put some quite graphic thereon piece of paper, so as to arrange the knowledge about yourself.
  • PRIORITIZE. Prioritize all this information, once you have finished organizing it.

Lesson 8: Wherever You Are Employed, Settle Yourself!

Best Career Tips: Wherever You Are Employed, Settle Yourself!

First, you would like to seek out What Careers or Jobs Your Flower Points To: If possible, you or they need to combine two or three of your knowledge’s into one specialty: that’s what can cause you to unique, with little or no competition from others.

Lesson 9: Few Ways to Choose/ Change Careers – Career Tips

Few Ways to Choose/ Change Careers - Career Tips
Credit: The Balance Careers

Internet: Naturally, there are many suggestions there, but more specifically there’s Net Online. It may be a digital online storehouse of data, and up-to-date information at that, about careers.

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Hope this Career Tips would help to know how and what approach should be used while applying for any job interview.

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