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Waist Size Changed from 30” to 36”? Learn How to Lose Weight Without Exercise!

How to loose fat? how to lose weight without exercise

Have you put on weight during the lockdown? Are you looking for solutions on how to lose weight without exercise? How to lose weight? How to lose weight on the face? How to lose weight in thighs?

If yes then this guide is going to help you a lot in reducing the extra fat by maintaining a healthy diet plan and a proper schedule in your life.

If you are curious to know, how to lose weight on your face, then follow the below-given diet plan. However, if you want to lose weight from your other parts of the body, then keep on reading to get some ideas about exercise, Yoga, and other ways.

So now, let’s learn How to Control Weight Gain During Lockdown!

Even though COVID is almost over. Many are still able to work from home.

For many, work from home is sort of a dream come true. Now your boss is not around you to shout & yell, no noise from colleagues, no one is trying to divert your attention and no one is there to complain about you for relaxing while working. Moreover, you’ll stay in your pyjamas the whole day. However, it has some serious disadvantages also.

As the boundaries between professional and private lives become thin, working from home may have undesired consequences especially when it involves your health and weight. Exorbitant professional pressures are having a negative impact on the well-being of many people. Erratic and stressful work schedule, insomnia, no time for exercise, unhealthy food diet during lockdown is disturbing everyone’s life.

Given below are a couple of tips to stop, or a minimum of reducing the probability of weight gain during this era of restricted activity.

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Eat healthily, eat wisely and timely!

Unhealthy Food Diet During Lockdown

An unhealthy food diet is the biggest point of concern these days. While it’s right to assume that being home-bound results in quick access to food and snacks, there’s also a latent advantage during this, which is usually ignored.

The one good thing happening is no junk food to eat from outside, and the restriction of eating home-cooked fresh and healthy food is keeping our cholesterol, blood pressure, and sugar level in control.

To realize further advantages from this, we will resort to lower calorie snacks and food items like sprouts or salads as a replacement for the standard fried (pakoda, samosa, vada) or junk like a burger, pizza, noodles options.

Since most folks aren’t burning off calories during this era of lockdown, it’s natural that our fuel foods intake should be lesser during this period. Carbohydrates (fuel foods) include food items like bread, chapatis, rice, potato, etc. Intake of those should be curtailed during this era.

Additionally, since the body doesn’t need any energy during sleep, carbohydrates are often completely avoided at dinner. If satiety (satisfaction) is a problem with a curtailed intake of carbohydrates, we could increase the intake of low/non-carbohydrate food items like pulses (dals), freshly cooked vegetables, fruits, etc.

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Decide on your hotel plan

If you’re performing from home then you’ll have lost your daily routine, and also noticed that your eating habits have gone for a toss. This will cause two major factors –

  • Firstly, you’ll find yourself snacking on unhealthy food throughout the day,
  • Secondly, you’ll binge eat whenever you are feeling bored or stressed.

To avoid unhealthy snacking and binge eating you would like to stay on a daily schedule which will help get your habits back on target. You’ll start by having breakfast at an equivalent time, daily. Plan your lunch and afternoon snacks, and this may eliminate any mid-day cravings.

While following the lose weight without exercise plan, may also make sure that you don’t have an important dinner, and you don’t stuff yourself with food before heading to bed. Following a proper time schedule for your meals will help you train your mind to be hungry on time and follow everything on time as it was earlier while going to the office.

The importance of timely and regular meals can’t be over-emphasized. Body metabolism works best when nutritious food is ingested at regular intervals, instead of erratically. It’s particularly important to avoid eating dinner very late and sleeping soon thereafter. This habit of normal meals should ideally be followed even when there’s no lockdown.

Finally, this habit is especially relevant to diabetics, because it avoids erratic blood glucose levels.

Meal prep every day

Unhealthy Food Diet During Lockdown

Rather than being impulsive and spontaneous together with your diet during the lockdown, and deciding what to eat the spot, meal prep beforehand.

As an example, you’ll go grocery buying meals that you simply can prepare through the week like oatmeal for breakfast, fry for lunch and dinner, and a few fruits you’ll enjoy as snacks. In this manner, you’ll enjoy a high-quality diet and you’ll consume less processed food. In this manner, you’ll avoid gaining weight during quarantine also.

If you’re short on time otherwise you don’t want to spend an excessive amount of time whipping up a meal then you’ll purchase frozen options like frozen vegetables and pre-cooked rice, with some canned beans. Meals which are plant-based and leafy are always beneficial as they take less time in cooking and super healthy for skin, hair, thighs, mind, guts, and other body parts.

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Be mindful of what proportion you consume

Unhealthy food diet during lockdown
Credit: The Conversation

Mindless eating is the worst because you’re consuming way too many calories without paying much attention, and before you recognize it you’ve got gained tons of weight.

Boredom can trick your mind into thinking that you simply are hungry. It’s very easy to mindlessly grab a packet of chips from the cupboard and munch thereon stupidly twice; but you would like to remember that each one of these frequent, mindless, snacking times does add up.

So, you want to keep yourself busy and find joy in activities that don’t involve food. Maybe you’ll choose a walk together with your dog (ensure that you simply practice social distancing), read a book, work out, or call a lover.

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You are under social lockdown, not exercise lockdown!

Unhealthy Food Diet During Lockdown
Credit: The Hindu

The physical and medical benefits of exercise are documented.

There are also 2 additional but rarely known benefits of exercise in this pandemic time.

  • First, exercise may be an excellent immunity booster that can be needed should one, unfortunately, get infected with the coronavirus.
  • Secondly, exercise may be a mood elevator and has anti-anxiety effects. Thanks to the discharge of Endorphins, that results in a sense of happiness and reduces feelings of hysteria and depression.

Now for a few specific recommendations. Since we are completely homebound, we’d like to adopt exercises suitable for restricted areas. These could include simpler and fewer aggressive forms like static running, skipping, etc. More aggressive forms like crunches Pilates or Yoga could also be adopted.

Needless to mention, your exercise schedule must include all forms including stretching, muscle building/toning, and cardiorespiratory exercises. Exercise is often performed at any time of the day, though I recommend adhering to uniform time and duration. Generally, about 60 mins of daily exercise are adequate.

Exercise should be performed most days during the week – if possible, every day. Different exercise schedules could also be followed so as to avoid monotony as well, on exercise of different muscle groups. Various sites on the web offer a variety of data on age-appropriate exercise advice and schedules.

It’s beat the mind!

how to lose weight without exercise?
Credit: The New York Times

Like many other modern-day diseases, obesity also features a strong ‘mind’ component that is also caused due to an unhealthy food diet during the lockdown. It directly affects our mental health. We must understand that we have to control such eating habits as self-care is the most important thing in life.

While the country needs us to remain indoors at this point, it doesn’t require us to eat more, become inactive, and gain weight. In fact, on the contrary, this is often the time for us to evolve as individuals and make amends for whatever could also be wrong in our lifestyles. Thereto an extent, winning over this tendency to eat more and exercise less, is additionally a mind game. Winning over our temptations seems daunting and unachievable initially, but gets easier and achievable with the passage of your time.

Monitor yourself!

Monitor Your Weight

Human beings are result-oriented species. Developing an unhealthy food diet during lockdown is quite natural, but it needs to be controlled before it’s too late. We wish to objectively assess and evaluate responses to lifestyle choices. Fortunately, in the case of weight gain, measuring this benefit is extremely easy.

Just use a weighing scale!

How often?

Once every week should be enough.

Measuring weight will give you a transparent idea of where your weight is headed. It’s possible to take care of our weight with a couple of lifestyle choices during this period of lockdown. After all, what we will gain in this small time period, may take years to lose! As the social media jokes go,

Nobody would like to be addressed as “mere motu “(my dear elephant) by anyways.

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