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Unemployment During Lockdown In India – Effects, Job Tips & Hope in COVID-19

Unemployment During Lockdown In India – Effects, Tips & Hope

Unemployment during the lockdown in India due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has drastically increased. With so many people out of work and looking for jobs, many people are demanding that the government should design programs to help the unemployed find jobs but that’s not so easy. It measures the strength of the job market.

No doubt, the Corona pandemic has taught several lessons to people to get ready to face such unfortunate situations in the future. But at the same time, it has taken a lot of things from individuals. For instance, many have suffered mental stress issues, sudden financial crises, and loss in businesses. The shocking thing is that around 14 crore people have lost their jobs.

Job Statistics During COVID 19

In India, a labor force survey is done by NSSO (National Sample Survey Office) periodically. The ordinary unemployment rate in Indian urban areas for the third quarter of this fiscal year was 5.1 percent, and for rural areas, it was 3.6 percent.

The dreaded disease COVID-19 has not finished ravaging India. Since the beginning of the pandemic, thousands of people have been rendered jobless and businesses have closed. The Pandemic unemployment rate in India during lockdown is higher when compared to previous years.

Pandemic Unemployment Rate In India During Lockdown 2020

  • 7.8% in Feb
  • 8.8% in March
  • 23.5% in April
  • 21.7% in May
  • 10.2% in June
  • 7.4% in July
  • 8.3% in August
  • 6.7% in September
  • 7% in October
  • 6.5% in November
  • 9.1% in December

In India, as of Jan 2021, the unemployment rate has been recorded as 6.52%, and 6.89% as of Feb 2021. And then numbers increase- 6.50% in March, 7.97% in April, 11.9% on May 21, and 9.17% in June 2021 recorded respectively.

Unemployment During Lockdown In India – Effects, Tips & Hope| Pandemic Unemployment During Lockdown In India – Effects, Job Tips & Hope in COVID-19

However, the peak of unemployment during the lockdown in March 2020 was way higher than the recession we faced in the year 2016 when the unemployment rate was a maximum of around 10%.

The job statistics during COVID-19 fell for the first time since the New Year on a month-on-month basis. The decline was primarily led by the services sector which saw job additions in all key sub-sectors such as trade, transportation, communication, and financial services. 

A demand reduction is caused due to the restrictions faced by companies. Demonetization also seems to have played an essential role in improving labor market conditions.

The Unemployment Rises

There has been a terrible effect of the pandemic. COVID-19 was widespread, and this was one of the major contributing factors. The double-digit urban unemployment rate can undermine the economy and encourage urban discontent.

A large percentage of those unemployed will finally have work under the government’s program. The program hires unemployed workers and gives them temporary jobs for 6-12 months until more permanent employment is available.

COVID-19 Effects On Job

The COVID-19 pandemic will have severe consequences for jobs in the affected countries, particularly in developing regions. There are many youngsters and also experienced professionals who faced Unemployment During Lockdown. There are Top Challenges still faced by New Entrepreneurs.

The COVID-19 vaccine had far-reaching effects on the cheap core economy with its interest rates of 9%, making it vital to have a job. The pharma companies that manufacture the COVID-19 vaccines find themselves in a political crossfire as healthcare funds begin to run out.

The immediate effects were devastating, with widespread protests and breadlines. Unemployment soared, and thousands of people ended up on the streets begging for food, money, or shelter. The only employment during COVID-19 is Social service.

Most affected sectors during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Aviation Sector
  • Automobile
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • MSME (Small & Medium Enterprises)
  • Stock Market
  • Metro & Rail Services
  • Educational Institutes

Tips For The Young Buds

The Youth Outlook analyses the impact of the COVID‑19 job crisis on youngsters in countries. It focuses, in particular, on such indicators as the youth unemployment pandemic, labor market entry, and outcomes of school-to-work transitions. Difficulties in labor markets and social inclusion are also addressed (e.g., the proportion of NEETs).

Unemployment During Lockdown In India – Effects, Tips & Hope | Pandemic Unemployment During Lockdown In India – Effects, Job Tips & Hope in COVID-19

Nowhere have the losses been more significant than among the youngest workers, aged 15‑24. Although this group included young to begin working legally, it also comprised young adults who had just begun contributing to society. Therefore, it is not surprising that the labor market was amongst the worst hit by the COVID‑19 pandemic and its consequences: youth employment rates fell sharply, while school enrolment rates rose sharply.

Opportunities For You

So the best career tips for the young buds are to invest in skills. Investing doesn’t mention money. Investing your time, your efforts to get mastered the skills, and earning from that. You can also opt for Digital Marketing as it is one Of The Best Career Options During the Lockdown Period around the globe.

Freelancing is one of the safest options and an effective way to start a career. You can learn digital marketing, blogging, website designing, and several other IT-related skills. However, if you are a business person, you can learn ways to promote your services online through an eCommerce website or other service-providing platforms.

Firstly, freelancers are paid precisely for what they do and don’t have to rely on anyone else. Secondly, this is an easy way to expose your talent in front of the world and new attain clients. Because the customers don’t hire the firms. They hire freelancers to get their work done. So, we can say freelancing is one of the best employment during a pandemic.

The challenges ahead require action from all sectors of society. Schools, colleges, universities, and employers are vital in bringing about positive change for young people’s mental health. This is why we need to work together to prevent the negative consequences of loneliness and exclusion among young people.

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The Hope over Pandemic Unemployment in India

The government has planned to take the necessary steps to overcome the job crisis or unemployment, which gives a little hope. Public Administration officials will benefit from the Youth and Intergenerational lens and provide a clearer understanding of how society views the community’s specific challenges from diverse perspectives.

The government is taking efforts to develop and implement effective policies and programs for vulnerable populations, including young people of school age not in employment, training, or education (NEETs), young migrants, homeless youth, adolescents, and women facing increased risks of domestic violence. They account for 45 percent of all unemployed and half of those are not even enrolled in secondary-level education.

The Government offers development plans tailored to the specific needs of each young person and their environment. The Government’s comprehensive support for vulnerable young people covers housing, employment, education and training, legal assistance, health, social security, culture and leisure, family relationships, and much more. This means they have a safety net in place and access to all the support available.

Also, the government is conducting many seminars on how to get employment during the lockdown, where the experts share their ideas with the students and young people to fight unemployment.

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There has been a higher rate of unemployment during the lockdown. The struggle is real. Everyone desperately wants to find their passion and pursue their dream job. All while trying to find the perfect balance of professional success and personal happiness.

But we also don’t want to wait until the situation gets normal to pursue our dreams. So what should we do? “Invest your time in learning skills with a pinch of hope”.

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