Top 4 Task Tracking Tools to Increase Your Work Efficiency

Best Time and Task Management Tools

It’s a busy world. There are so many tasks that need to address every day. Our thoughts are often tangled on what to do next or what have I done. We all had the oops moment when we forget to arrange our swimsuit for a vacation or forget to bring our favourite groceries or plan a day out for our partner. Keeping in sync with your tasks might be difficult in the busy world without using the paid or Free task tracking tools.

Thank God, technology has made it easy for Time and Task Management through the new-age applications, built to be robust, user-friendly, and help in making easy plans.

Top 4 Free Project Management Software

These project management software would make your time management techniques more efficient. They are the best project tracker & Task tracking tools and are game-changers.

1] Jira Tool- Task Management Cloud Software

Jira Cloud Software Free Tool for Project Management

Created by Atlassian, Jira tool is usually used for project management and bug tracking. However, its features don’t stop there. Jira Cloud provides ways to effectively track your day-to-day tasks. Planning for a vacation or a wedding or you want to track some heavy work items.

Extensive project and ticket creation, reports, user-friendly interface, colors, and the Jira itself make it a crazy good tool to track your tasks. Create tasks, and sub-tasks with easy prioritize them, enter the due date, sort them, and visualize them the way you want with this best task management app. Jira does it with just a few clicks.

Features of Jira Cloud Software

  • Boards to Manage your tasks
  • Roadmaps to plan future work
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Can be used or any type of task tracking

Pricing: Free up to 5 users.

2] Trello App- Project Management Tool

Trello - Best Time and Task Management Tools

Want to put to finance expenses, plan an upcoming event or a date, want to have future tasks planned out, just Trello it because Trello app is one of the best task management software that works on the cloud. Use cards, and lists and build a to-do list. Uncover an ecosystem of checklists, due dates, attachments, and many more exciting features.

Create a weekly checklist card with the items you want to complete for each week. It feels like a fun game with lots of work for the brain but in just a few minutes you have the tasks to knock off for the week.

Features of Trello

  • Boards to Manage your tasks
  • Roadmaps to plan future work
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Can be used or any type of task tracking

Pricing: Free up to 5 users.

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3] Google Task Management Tool & Time Management App

Google Tasks - Time and Task Management Tool
Credit: Android Police

Google Tasks are easy to use. From day-to-day tasks to Phone appointments or meetings, anything can be tracked and accounted for. Want a notification to take medication, to attend a meeting monthly payment or deadline- Google task it. Google’s to-do list is simple, easy, and robust.

Download the app on mobile or use your Gmail to create the tasks. With a click and details, you can create your checklist. It’s just a Gmail away – Try it out.

Features of Google Tasks

  • We can add tasks easily
  • Easily accessible on Gmail
  • Get reminders on tasks
  • Free of cost

4] Todoist Free Task Management App

Todoist Free Tool for Project Management
Credit: Todoist

Track your vacations, grocery shopping, almost anything, and create road maps using todoist. Used by students, house makers, small business todoist is a simple yet user-friendly application that provides you labels.

One can use the mobile app making it easy to use and handy.

Features of Todoist

  • Get a get quick view of the task and create tasks with just a click
  • Favorite your tasks
  • Delegate tasks to others
  • Use the in-built templates to create your own task list

Pricing: Free for starters, premium and business come at $3 and $5 per month respectively.

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Best Task and Time Management Tools & Online Applications
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These most used Time management tools and techniques make your life much easier and help you manage your tasks with much ease. You can use these free task management tools on desktop or mobile. With the internet being the easiest commodity available, these best project timeline management tools are just a couple of clicks away from being used. Go, make your life easy with these best apps for time management and project alignment.

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