8 Challenges that Young Entrepreneurs Face

A true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer. Today’s business world has become ultra-competitive as every other person is dreaming to become a successful Entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a person who plays a very important role in the economic development of a country. In the present world, there are many young entrepreneurs who dream of creating a successful venture…

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Single Tasking Vs Multitasking: Which is Better
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Single Tasking Vs Multitasking: Is a multitasking person Better?

Once, when I was getting inside the car and asked my friend to be on hold, he said “Even after working in a BPO, how can you not, multitask”. At that time I didn’t know about Single Tasking Vs Multitasking and doubted my ability. Many of you might think- “what is the difference between single-tasking and multitasking”? In simple terms,…

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