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When “Time” Taught me its value- A Short Story on Time Management

When “Time” Taught me its value- A Short Story on Time Management

Are you always late? Do you have a tag as a latecomer?

As a kid, I read many short stories on time management but never took them seriously. A few years back, a true incident taught me a big lesson on the importance of time management. Let me tell you a short story on time management that opened my eyes.

This incident happened to me in 2012 when I was traveling from Pune to Bangalore by Udyan Express, the train which has a history of leaving on time, at exactly 11.45 am (most of the time).

I have always struggled with time management skills but definitely working on it now.

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Now, getting back to the story: for the train, departing at 11.45 am, I left home at 11 am and thanks to the Pune traffic, reached the station at around 11.40 am.

A Short Story on Time Management

By the time I arrived at the station, I was extremely enraged and the driver realized from my face that I might just shoot him in anger and so he hastily dropped me near platform no-6, assuming that the train would be standing on that platform. 
Just to let you know, Pune station has two entrances: one from Platform no- 1 and another one from Platform no-6.

I quickly climbed the stairs and I saw Udyan Express standing at Platform 1.

I looked at my watch; it was 11.43 am, the train was about to leave in 2 mins. I started running, clinging to my big travel bag so that it doesn’t fall.

Somehow, I reached the platform- 1 and started walking swiftly in order to board the train. Sensing that, the train might move any minute, I jumped into the nearest compartment. The train started. I gasped and thought “Thank God, I did not miss my train”.

Within a few seconds, the train stopped with a jerk and did not start for another 15 minutes.

I was dumbstruck, not understanding whether to “laugh” or “cry” at my misery. After calming down, I started remembering all the moral and inspirational stories on time management that I had read as a child.

That day, I realized one thing: it’s always better to be ahead of time. At least, next time if the train stops like this, I won’t feel so bad!

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I hope you also learned some lessons from my time management short story and won’t repeat my mistake. You can also read our other blog- short moral stories in English that will inspire you.

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