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Importance of Time Management Through Stories

Short Stories on TIme Management | Revamp Mind

Since childhood, we have heard the famous phrase “time is money”. However, most of us do not understand its real value and thus, we are unable to achieve our goals in life. RevampMind is always a step ahead to help people maintain their living standards and manage life situations effortlessly. So, here, we talk about the importance of time management through a few short stories.

Hopefully, these moral stories in English would change your mindset & motivate you to adopt an ideal routine in your life to balance your personal and professional work together.

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.
That’s why it’s called the present!

Sometimes, when we are sitting idle, we think we have a lot of time. On the other hand, when we have several tasks to do, it seems, time is running.

Stories on Time Management

But why does this happen?

It is a fact that every day, we get only 24 hours, which is common for everyone. But still, why do we sometimes say, time is flying?

Worry not!

Because, once you will understand the value of time, and how to manage it, you can utilize every minute of your precious life without wasting it in vain.

So let’s understand the importance of time management through some motivational and inspirational time management stories.

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3 Best Short Stories On Time Management

A Jar And Props – A Popular Short Story On Time Management

There was a professor at a university who thought of giving a lesson to his students about time management skills and managing it appropriately.

He brought a jar, sand, rocks, water, and some pebbles to the class and kept them on a table. The professor chose a student and asked him to fill the jar with all the props.

The volunteer student started with water and then sand and then pebbles. And finally, he found that there is no space to put all the rocks inside.

Likewise, the professor asked other students as well to perform the task and everyone tried to fill it with all the props but unfortunately didn’t succeed.

Finally, the professor started to fill the jar with rocks, then he added the pebbles, and further he added the sand. Still, there was some space to pour the water and the professor did so.

Moral Of The Story On Time Management

In this story, your life situation has been compared with these props,

Water, sands, and pebbles are to be compared with the tasks/goals which we are more focused to do on priority. For example, we kill our time watching television, surfing Social Media Sites, roaming around with bad companies, and all.

Whereas, the rocks are the biggest goal or task that we used to finish on the least priority.

If you are filling the jar of your life with chunks, there won’t be any space to fill it with the most important things. But doing vice-versa is possible and you can achieve everything in a managed way.

Day With A Limited Credit

Just imagine that your father gives you Rs. 86,400 every day in the morning and gives you the freedom to spend it on anything. But the bet is, the amount will not be carried forward to the next day and will expire the same day.

Day with a Limited Credit - Stories on Time Management

In such a winning situation, you will probably plan to spend the amount on buying your most desired fashion accessories, study materials, hanging out with friends, and so on. Still, if you are left with some remaining amount that is going to expire soon but you were unable to utilize that. Then despite regret, you can’t do anything.

Moral Of This Short Story On the Importance Of Time Management

The same thing happens with our precious life where each day, we are fortunate with 24 hours, i.e. 86,400 seconds. It is a person’s choice to utilize it for the good or to waste it.

Imagine the below situation to realize the value of time in a better way.

  • 1 year: A student who failed a class.
  • 1 Month: A mother who delivered a premature baby.
  • 1 Week: A weekly newspaper editor who collected the updates.
  • 1 Hour: The lovers who are eagerly waiting to meet their soulmate.
  • 1 Minute: A person who missed a train.
  • 1 Second: A person who met with an accident.

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5 Years of a King

There was a kingdom with a strict rule that every king will serve for 5 years only. Post his rule, he was required to go to the forest to spend the rest of his life. But the strange thing was; that woodland was full of dangerous animals and nothing was available to live a good life. So there won’t be any chance to come back alive.

Many kings came to serve in that kingdom and followed the rule as prescribed.

Once, the people of the kingdom decided to choose the desired person as their next king who was very wise. They tried to convince the person to become their next king but he denied it after knowing the rule. But somehow, he agreed to become the next king with a condition.

He asked the people to let him visit that place where every king had gone after giving their services. He found that the place is full of trees and dangerous animals. There were no facilities for survival.

Stories on Time Management - 5 Years of King

After the inspection, he came back to the kingdom and became the king.

Now, he started to plan for making the forest a peaceful place where survival is possible.

In the first year, he started with the planning and execution of cutting some trees to make a proper path to go inside the forest.

In the second year, he started with the plan to shift the dangerous animals to the safest place apart from that woodland. Further, in the third year onwards, he worked hard to start farming and making some small houses around.

Finally, that forest was enough to live a peaceful life without any problems.

Moral Of This Time Management Short Story

In those 5 years, the king utilized the time properly with the best strategy. In this way, he followed all the rules and in time, he managed to create a way to spend a better life.

This time management story is inspirational for those who are hunting in the present to get a better lifestyle for the future. If we design a plan with time management skills, then definitely, nobody can stop us from achieving success in life.

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Warren Buffett And An Interview Anchor

In an interview, an anchor asked Warren Buffett (One of the richest men in the world), how he utilize the opportunities of life.

Time Management Stories - Warren Buffet

To give a practical idea, Warren Buffett offered a blank cheque and asked her to fill in the desired amount. At the moment, she considered this offer a joke and lost the opportunity to become rich person.

Then Buffett said, you just lost a huge opportunity. In my entire life, I have never missed any opportunities, small or big and that is the reason behind my achievements.

Moral Of This Story On the Importance Of Time Management

If the anchor wouldn’t take the opportunity for granted at that moment, she could have earned a huge amount that was enough to maintain a luxurious life.

In real life, we also get several opportunities and due to fear of family, society, comfort zone, hesitation, etc. we lose them and regret them afterward.

Instead of that, we should live in the present and try to find ways to use as many credits of life as we can.

Final Thoughts

Hope the above Short Stories on time management will help you manage your life in a better way. You can also read other motivational stories at RevampMind like Why I Hate Social Media?, Mantra For A Better Growth & Success, and several other Inspirational stories to manage your time.

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