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Short Moral Stories In English That Will Inspire You

Short Moral Stories In English - The Hare & The Tortoise, Ugly Duckling

Moral stories are popular among kids as they help impart or teach the younger ones about the different virtues in a fun manner. But nowadays, adults also need to read moral & motivational story that helps them to build up confidence and face the challenges in life with more energy and mind power. There are many story stories in English and we bring you two of them.

So, below you can read the best 2 short moral stories in English, where each story has a different moral.

However, we have grown to hear these common stories several times in our childhood. But as we grow, we forget the old things. And whenever we are stuck in any problem, we try to hunt for its solution.

That is the time when we need to look behind. We get morals, inspirations, and solutions from childhood stories. So, whenever any problem or hurdles you face in your journey, hold on, look back, and then find inspiration from the short stories in English that are full of morals and motivations.

Small Story In English – For Your Motivation

1] The Hare And The Tortoise Story

The Hare and the Tortoise story is one of the most popular ones which is about the race of a Hare and a Tortoise. In which the Hare mocks the tortoise and hence the tortoise agrees to a race with the hare to prove himself.

They both began the race and the Hare ran quickly the Hare was soon out of sight but the tortoise kept moving even though it was slow.

Inspirational Stories in English - The Hare & The Tortoise, Ugly Duckling

After a while, the Hare decided to take a nap since he was far ahead of the tortoise. But when the hare woke up, he was not able to overtake, and hence the tortoise won.

The main moral of this motivational story is ‘Slow and Steady wins the race’.

In this story, the tortoise never gave up even though his opponent looked story and was humble and not boasting.

Hence, this 2 minutes story with morals also teaches us that we should never give up! No matter what the circumstance, move forward slowly and steadily focusing on the ultimate goal.

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2] The Ugly Duckling Story

Other popular moral stories in English is The Ugly Duckling story. It is a motivational story as well where the mother duck waits for her eggs to hatch.

Every egg was hatched but one egg remained and all the other ducklings were impatient to swim in the pond. Finally, the egg hatched but this duckling did not look like the other ones and it was ugly but the mother duck loved every kid equally.

Small Story in English - Ugly Duckling, The Hare & The Tortoise

All the other duckings hated the ugly duckling and made fun of its appearance. Hence, the duckling wandered off but the duckling was welcomed by a family of geese and was happy. A husband and wife took the ugly duckling in as they wanted eggs. But the days passed by and it never laid eggs and hence was shooed off.

While ducking was sitting depressed, another swan praised its beauty. The ducking walked to the pond, saw its reflection, and realized that it was never a duck but a swan.

This short story with moral lessons us to “accept who you are”.

In this world, people may mock you if you are different and do not fit in. But if you accept yourself and choose to walk your path; no matter what others tell you, that will lead you to success.

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Each story above is as motivating as the first story. The hare and the tortoise story signifies persistence, which is an important character, and the ability to keep calm no matter what circumstance or big your opponent is. Believing in yourself and moving forward is something everybody needs to reach greater heights. The ugly duckling story emphasizes the importance of acceptance and accepting who you are another important character.

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