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Stories With Moral: Short Story In English That You Must Read

Famous & Inspirational Best Short Story In English Ant and grasshopper, fisherman & his wife

Since childhood, you had been heard a short story in English or other languages that give you lessons to build a positive attitude in your life.

You might have read several comics, novels, and books so far. And in this blog, we also share a moral story in English you might have not read yet. These Inspirational Short Stories are easy to understand for kids. Adults can also learn quick things to implement in life to manage their time and make it more beautiful.

The Ant and Grasshopper Story

The ant and grasshopper story is quite popular. It is about a grasshopper and an ant, in which the ant is hard-working and collects food for winter. While the grasshopper was having fun and did not care about a thing. The grasshopper was playing music and lazing around.

Inspirational Small Moral Stories in English - Ant and Grasshopper | RevampMind

Best Short Stories In English That You Must Read

The winter finally came, and the ants had food to eat because of their tireless search for food and hard work. But the grasshopper did have nothing to eat, hence begging for food from the ants.

The moral of this motivational story is ‘There is time for work & there is time for play.

This short moral story also emphasizes the significance of hard work and its outcome. It also gives a clear understanding of what might become of a person fooling around.

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The Fisherman & His Wife – Short Story in English

‘The Fisherman and his wife is a short moral story about a humble fisherman and his wife.

Once the fishermen caught a flounder but the flounder convinced the fisherman to let them go because it was no ordinary flounder but an enchanted one.

When the anglers returned and told them what had happened to his wife, she suggested that he could have asked for something. Since they were poor and didn’t have a good place to live in, the wife requested a cottage and when the fisherman asked the flounder, his wish was granted.

Very Short Stories in English with Moral - The Fisherman & His Wife | Best Short Stories In English That You Must Read - RevampMind

The gift did not satisfy his wife, so again, she asked for a palace, and the wish was accepted. She asked to become a queen, then the emperor, the pope, and all her wishes were granted.

Finally, his wife asked to become a God but her wish was refused and she returned to how she was before the old shabby way.

The moral of this story is to ‘be happy with what you have.

It also signifies the importance of the destruction that will befall greediness. And how one should cherish what they have.

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Summary Of These 2 Small Story In English

The first Short Story In English is based on an ant and a grasshopper and tells the importance of hard work and the consequences of not working hard.

Whereas, the second story i.e. the fisherman & his wife is all about being content and happy with what you have, instead of being greedy and wanting what is not necessary at all. These inspirational stories give nice lessons to move forward and achieve great success in life.

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