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The Power of Self Acceptance

The Power of Self Acceptance

Do you see yourself in the mirror every day? Do you love yourself? Do you appreciate your goodness, and talents and recognize your flaws as well? If your answer is “NO”, then you need to start your journey of self acceptance.

What is self acceptance?

According to Harvard Medical School, Self acceptance is defined as “an individual’s acceptance of all of his/her attributes, positive or negative.” It includes body acceptance, self-protection from negative criticism, and mental peace.

Self acceptance
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Why Self acceptance?

In life, all of us want to be happy. For each one of us, the pursuit of happiness is determined by various external & internal factors like mental peace, a healthy body, a calm and a happy mind among others. While many times external factors are uncontrollable, internal factors can be controlled through our efforts. These efforts can be like practicing meditation, mindfulness, journaling, etc. 

But do you know all these work only if you have accepted yourself the way you are? Yes, self-acceptance forms the base for your internal happiness, which reflects on your external self. So, first, love yourself.

Forgive yourself- A step towards self acceptance
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How to embrace Self acceptance?

Having known the importance of self-acceptance, don’t you think it is time to embrace it in your life? Here are the ways through which you can start accepting yourself more than you ever did


Write everything about yourself – Your past, present, why you love yourself, mistakes, talents/works you are proud of, bad things you did, what gives you mental peace, everything you feel like writing down. This should act as a mirror. This is probably the first step of looking at yourself completely. It is ok if you have made lots of mistakes in your life. Accept it. Accept whatever is written by you


Everyone aspires to be happy but the main step towards that is forgiving yourself. If you don’t forgive yourself, then who else will. We are all human beings and we make mistakes. It is natural. So forgive & if you have the opportunity to rectify your mistakes, take that step.

Acknowledge your abilities, talents, and good deeds

I’m sure you must have done something really good which you are so proud of. Be happy & feel good about that. Don’t ignore the abilities you have and be thankful for that. Not everybody possesses what you have. Acknowledge that. You will have a happy mind.

Practice self-awareness & Mindfulness

What is self acceptance?
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We all lead lives as if we are going to stay forever. In the race of life, we forget to live the small moments of happiness scattered over a period. By practicing self-awareness & being mindful of the time, you would start enjoying life & have mental peace. Happy Mind gives happy life.

Move on from Failures

Failures are a part of life. I know it is very easy to say. But trust me, every person faces failure in one or the other way. For some it is small, for some it is big. And we might not have much control over them. But we can change our perspective towards failures & disappointments. So, why don’t you try?

Love yourself & people around you

Thank God/Universe if you have at least one person in your life who loves you more than their life. Appreciate the love within you around you. Spend time with your loved ones. You will find your worth in their eyes.

Your path to self acceptance is paved. It is for you to take the step. Self acceptance will give you the courage to face any difficulties and always be happy with your inner self.


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