Muskegon State Park, Michigan – Things to Do & Places to Visit

Muskegon State Park of Michigan - Things to Do & Places to Visit

When you plan a trip to the Lake Michigan Circle Tour or Lake Michigan Road Trip then, there are many places to visit and things to do alongside the lake. Those places include various state parks in Michigan, like Muskegon State Park in Michigan, which is a great stop.

Quick Things To Do In Muskegon State Park (MSP)

On tour to MSP, you should prepare a quick list of some of the best things to do at first with the help of a guide.

As an overview, there are lots of places to roam around and activities to do at Muskegon Park. It includes swimming in Lake Michigan, camping, walking, photo shooting, and many more. The places around Lake Michigan are quite beautiful.

Especially, the MSP has some best potential sites for perfect photo clicks and walking to stay in the camp.

However, there is a lot more to experience while going on the circle tour. So, let’s start the journey of finding an extravagant tour to one of the best places around Lake Michigan, i.e., the MSP.

Places To Visit & Things To Do In MSP

First, you will be seeing the places to visit around Lake Michigan State Park which is none other than Muskegon State Park.

1. Dusk On The Beach Of Lake Michigan

Dusk On The Beach Of Lake Michigan

In the evening, the beach scenario of Lake Michigan is perfect for eye-pleasing. It is so beautiful that everyone loves to take pictures against the mesmerizing backdrop.

2. Lake Michigan & Beach Overlook

Lake Michigan & Beach Overlook

Who does not want to observe the vast and most beautiful scenery from above? We guess everybody wants it. Therefore, Lake Michigan & Beach Overlook will be your favorite spot to add to the visiting list.

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3. South Scenic Drive

South Scenic Drive

You might have heard the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive (PSSD); South Scenic Drive (SSD) is something like that at Muskegon State Park of Michigan. If PSSD is the most beautiful scenic drive to experience then, SSD is nothing less than it.

4. Cheerful Harbour

Cheerful Harbour

Want to get yourself closer to nature? The snug harbor is one of the best places to visit. Sitting on the wooden desk, enjoying the natural beauty along the coast of Lake Michigan, is a soul-satisfying place.

5. Hiking On Sand Dunes Ridge

Hiking On Sand Dunes Ridge

In case you want to add something interesting to the Muskegon visiting list then, add the Dune Ridge Trail to hike. Dunes give an energetic as well as an enormous opportunity to bring out the fun from the inside.

6. Muskegon Channel

Muskegon Channel

We recommend visiting the Muskegon Channel in a circle tour to Muskegon State Park. It has some best places to sit, visit with family, or romance with your partner, as the places around here have outstanding environments.

The Best Things To Do In The Muskegon State Park

1. Swimming

In summer, everyone wants to be near the water or inside the water to avoid the hot climate. In that case, Lake Michigan at Muskegon State Park of Michigan is completely safe and cold to swim in. Besides, follow the instructions to prevent yourself from an unfortunate as well as undesired incident as no lifeguards will be present there.

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2. Camping

In the State Park, there are two types of campgrounds;

  1. Lake Michigan Campground
  2. Channel Campground

The campground of Muskegon Park is modern, which means it has electricity and hot water showers along with other facilities. You can have these camps for both tents as well as RV camping. You can make a reservation through the Michigan Parks official website to book the camp.

Here, you can do overnight camping as well. So, pack your essential things in your hiking bags and be ready to start the beautiful journey.

3. Photography

When we visit anywhere then, we try to capture the best photos of ourselves and our surroundings.

In that case, some places around the MSP have the potential to give you a perfect click. These include the below-mentioned areas where you can have the perfect and unique click.

  • Lake Michigan Sunset
  • Lake Michigan Beach Near the Trail
  • South Scenic Drive

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Final Thoughts

The Muskegon State Park in Lake Michigan is full of bewildering as well as fantastic places to visit and things to do. So, plan your trip accordingly with the help of this brief guide so that you can have a wonderful circle tour to experience and enjoy nature.

However, you need to take some safety measures and precautions while doing something new or old at Muskegon State Park in Michigan. Also, follow some on-beach instructions to put yourself in a comfortable zone.

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