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The Law Of Attraction: Do You Believe It?

Law Of Attraction

The term Law of attraction gained immense popularity from the Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 The Secret.

Some believe in it while some feel it is just rubbish and dismiss it blindly.

I come from the 1st thoughts of people before I myself have used many manifestation techniques and seen my life transforming.

Law Of Attraction
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Have You Heard About Positive Affirmations?

Law Of Attraction - Positive Vibration

Affirmations For Manifestation are statement that describes the desired situation that you wish to achieve for yourself. In simple words, The Law Of Attraction Affirmations is the act of affirming something that is true and you believe in it.

Example of the Law Of Attraction Affirmations

  • I am beautiful and I enjoy my life to the fullest.
  • I forgive quickly.
  • Helping others is a deed for me.
  • I keep getting money easily and frequently (manifestation for money affirmation)

After all, these feelings, is it fair to call it destiny?

Absolutely No!

Because we do have control over our thoughts. It’s our choice to think positively or negatively. God has not written this that you should say I can’t, I won’t.

God will be happy to see you saying – I can, I will! Seeing you believe in yourself.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction?

The Secret Law Of Attraction Affirmations or Positive Affirmations can help us come out from negative thoughts and gives a firm belief that we can achieve whatever we wish for.

Repeatedly telling our mind that yes this is going to happen, I am going to make it happen, becomes entrenched in the subconscious mind and we start believing it and gradually positive changes take place.

The power of the Law Of Attraction is in repeating and reminding the positive affirmations to yourself every day, in fact, many times in a day and it has the power to change everything for you.

Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

Yes! Definitely, it works!

The Laws Of Attraction Affirmation helps to discover your inner strengths, self-confidence, and the fire within to hit the goal. It helps to overcome the negative processing in your mind that blocks your success.

Law Of Attraction - Affirmations
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Understanding The Law Of Attraction Techniques

A rule to affirmation is – Live in the present tense. Feel, speak, or write everything in present. This is going to let you feel that you are actually living that moment. The positive Secret Law Of Attraction Affirmations will boost you up. You win half of the battle there. That’s why people say make is the maker of his own destiny.

Law Of Attraction Book – Change Your Life with Positive Affirmations
Manifest your Destiny Live your dreams by KG STILES. A best-seller series for healing and manifesting.

Does the Law of Attraction play a role in changing destiny?

Yes, it does! Let’s understand what is the Law of Attraction and how does it work?

A beautifully written Laws Of Attraction Book by Rhonda ByrneThe Secret” talks about The Secret Law Of Attraction as a unique phenomenon.

If applied to your life, it will give positive results and help you in achieving your goals. It is simply a new thought philosophy that says all the positive or negative experiences in our lives come with our own positive or negative thoughts. What we visualize or predict with our energy we attract the same positive or negative. Once you focus on something with all your energy it will come back to you. If you will pay attention to the positive things you will attract positivity and things will happen for you only if you are prepared for it.

There are 7 Rules to Laws of Attraction

Law of Manifestation

Law of Manifestation
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This is where you create a present moment for yourself or reality by manifesting positive or negative thoughts. Do not let your mind create room for negative thoughts.

Law of Magnetism

You must have heard about the magnets that attract each other similarly like attracts like. You attract what you think and start feeling a similar way. There is a best seller The Law Of Attraction Book by Napoleon Hill- Think and Grow Rich. As per his experience, our brain is like a magnet it attracts you towards what you keep in most.

Law of Steady Desire

Law of Steady Desire
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This law of attraction works only when you have a pure and dedicated desire to achieve something. If your desires are not strong, wavering, or doubtful then you are going to miss out on this! Whether it’s positive or negative that you desire it has to be full-hearted.

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Law of Harmony

Law of Harmony
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It is connecting with the universe. When we pray to God, the universe is listening to our prayers. Though we can’t see it, it does! All universal powers are connected and in harmony with each other. That’s why it is said you should think before you ask for something. You never know when it fulfilled.

Law of Right Way

Law of Right Way
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In life, we always have 2 options to choose from: right and wrong. All about how to lead your life with the right actions or wrong actions. If you do good around yourself, treat others well, be a well-wisher you will get it back too.

Law of Gratitude

Law of Gratitude
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This quality of Gratitude should be pursued by everyone. We are always talking, thinking, and visualizing our future goals and desires but one should never forget to be thankful for the present you are in. What you have right now is the best. So, be grateful for it.

Law of Expanding Universal Influence

Law of Expanding Universal Influence
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When we release any kind of energy good, or bad it always has an impact on many things surrounding us and of course on the people around us too. This is the law of universal influence that is all about having an influence on everything around us.

Everything is connected to each other and has a direct or indirect connection with the universe. Universal powers are strong enough to make the changes. So, be heedful of your thoughts & actions as it has a large impact on everything.

“See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it”. – Rhonda Byrne

How the Universe works for us –

  • Ask the Universe what you want
  • Be focused on what you want
  • Be patient and let the universe work on it
  • Observe the signs
  • Have faith that Universe is working for you with the best
  • Remind by asking and repeating
  • Show Gratitude

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Law of Attraction - How does it work?
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You might not be able to attract things that you want if you believe that you will get what is written. The law of attraction will not work. The manifestation techniques work when you believe in them.

Why do we pray and ask for anything from God if we get them easily?
Believing in yourself is a higher force than just believing in destiny. If you work for yourself believing in yourself, your body works for you, the surroundings will support you and the most powerful Universe will work for you.

If you work for yourself, Universe works for you! Theory of Law of attraction fits here.

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