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Fa Wash By Cosmocrat Lifesciences – Female Intimate Wash


Why Intimate Hygiene Is Important?

In today’s modern era, where everybody is running after growth and success, women continue to balance their careers along with domestic responsibilities. By doing so, they tend to overlook/ignore self-care, hygiene, and well-being. Here comes the intimate hygiene that also needs to be taken care of. People have preconceived notions and stereotypes. They think, “Talking about the intimate area or intimate hygiene is a shame“. But why is it so? Do you all think this way? In India, people are hesitant to discuss such things. But, there should be an awareness among people and they should know that it is okay to discuss all this publically. Today, we are going to talk about Fa Wash by Cosmocrat Lifesciences.

The best defense against any vaginal discomfort is prevention. Whatever the age might be, female intimate hygiene matters the most. At some point, almost all women deal with the problem of bad odor. This is a severe problem and it should not be neglected. There could be many reasons for this problem. We have thousands of sweat glands in our intimate area, hence this problem is quite obvious. Exercising during the menstrual cycle, excessive sweating, or even the eating habits can be a cause of this issue. For that, it is important to maintain intimate hygiene and therefore, feel fresh all day long. Moreover, it is good for one’s own mental satisfaction. When we feel fresh and refreshing down there, we can totally concentrate on our work and other daily activities.

Cosmocrat Lifesciences

Cosmocrat Lifesciences

Cosmocrat Lifesciences, established in the year 2005, comes with a mission and vision to offer a single-window solution to the Allopathic, Ayurveda & Nutritional needs of the consumers. They come with an idea of enhancing the health and well-being of their customers. It is indeed the science of life and propagates the gifts of nature in maintaining healthy & happy living. Cosmocrat group stays primarily engaged in pharmaceutical marketing & marketing of diagnostic equipments by the name of Saturn Pharmaceuticals.

Problem of Bad Odor

Problem of Bad Odor
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Vaginal odor is majorly caused by inflammation of the vaginal area. This can occur due to poor hygiene or an infection in/around that area. One most common infection that leads to vaginal odor is the overgrowth of vaginal bacteria to cause bacterial vaginosis. Trichinosis, a sexually transmitted disease, can also cause vaginal odor.


  • Itching or burning sensation
  • Pain
  • Smelly white discharge
  • Dryness
  • Bleeding
  • Discomfort while urinating
  • Swelling
  • Soreness, etc.

Fa Wash By Cosmocrat Lifesciences

Fa Wash By Cosmocrat Lifesciences

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Fa Wash By Cosmocrat Lifesciences comes with an odor-relief benefit. It is gentle enough to use every day. Now, your after-shower mornings would be even more refreshing. This superior product comes with a thought to maintain & improve the freshness & hygiene of female intimate areas. Do you know that the menstrual cycle, menopause, intimate act, and even a beauty soap can disturb the natural pH of the vagina? Yes, it’s true. When the pH balance of the vaginal area is disturbed, it causes irritation, discomfort, and distraction from daily activities. Only FA-WASH offers a pH balance natural formula that further helps in nourishing the friendly bacteria and restoring them back in the vagina. So, one can use it on a daily basis and feel fresh and confident all day long.


Fa Wash By Cosmocrat Lifesciences

This outstanding product, Fa Wash By Cosmocrat Lifesciences is a female intimate wash that effectively prevents the infections & irritations in the intimate area. It is made up of herbal contents of Fenugreek, Aloe Vera, and Tea Tree Oil that provides efficient cleaning and keeps the intimate area bacteria-free. It is easy to use and hence, intimate hygiene can be easily maintained. One can notice the evident differences in a single day of using it.

You won’t be able to stop yourself from using it, I am sure! Being a constant user of the product, I can promise my female readers the same. The intimate skin is quite delicate as compared to other body parts. Therefore, getting the right balance of both moisture & hygiene can make a big difference. Keeping the same in mind, Cosmocrat Lifesciences came up with FA-WASH that is infused with the scent of Rose and is gentle on the delicate vaginal skin. It provides the right moisture and balances the needs of the skin. Also, it gently cleanses, soothes, moisturizes & helps protect sensitive intimate skin.

Features of Fa Wash by Cosmocrat Lifesciences

  • Maintains intimate hygiene
  • Can be used daily, multiple times
  • Protects vagina from viruses, bacterial & fungal infections
  • Gives the fresh fragrance of roses
  • It has 100% Natural Botanics
  • Gives freshness during intimacy
  • Makes you feel comfortable in those painful days
  • Reduces the risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
  • Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial properties for better cleaning

Dermatologically & Gynaecologically Tested

Dermatologically & Gynaecologically Tested
  1. FA Wash is formulated using the deep and rich secrets of Ayurveda. Regular soap bars and body washes may cause itching, dryness, and irritation. But this natural product can cause a big difference in removing foul odor, irritation, and dryness forever. It is a harmonious herbal wash with a correct and natural pH balance.
  2. It is way too mild. Unlike other intimate washes, it does not leave that dry feeling. Its floral fragrance gives a refreshed feeling even on those sensitive days.
  3. Many ladies believe that intimate washes are not required and soaps can maintain the same hygiene level. But if one tries Fa Wash By Cosmocrat Lifesciences, they will be able to feel the difference. It gives great relaxation and more confidence. This will indeed break the myth of using regular soaps.



Each 100ml. contains:

  • Udumbara: Antioxidant & Anti-Bacterial properties prevents damage intimate area
  • Palasa: Antioxidant with healing effects
  • Aloe vera: Reduces irritation & itchiness
  • Neem: Reduce dryness & redness
  • Usira: Cooling effect, Prevents foul odor & maintains pH balance
  • Vetasamia: Potent cell Regenerating, Anti-inflammatory & Anti-oxidant properties
  • Fenugreek: Reduces white discharge secretion
  • Guava: Soothes the skin & keeps healthy flora
  • Tea Tree Oil: Reduces rashes & itching
  • Sphatica: Anti-inflammatory with tissue damage healing properties


  • Kills harmful bacteria
  • Useful in Periods
  • Maintains natural pH level
  • Prevents uncomfortable wetness
  • Protects foul odor, infections, irritation, dryness, and inflammation
  • Cleanses skin and gives silky smoothness
  • Its rose fragrance smells great!

How To Use

How To Use
  • Wet your intimate area with water
  • Pour some amount of FA- WASH on your palm
  • Apply and massage gently on the intimate area
  • Clean thoroughly with water
  • Dap gently with a dry towel


Fa Wash By Cosmocrat Lifesciences

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Since the intimate area is sensitive, it is important to handle it with utmost care. FA-WASH helps to maintain intimate hygiene that makes the skin soft & clean. It reduces vaginal discomfort and removes itchiness. Due to several responsibilities, women who pay less attention to their hygiene can be affected by a lot of germs. Diseases like food poisoning, gastroenteritis, trachoma, pneumonia, and other skin infections can be caused by poor personal hygiene practices. Hence, it is really essential for ladies to maintain personal hygiene.

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