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Do you know Self Discipline can be a solution to many of your Problems?

Self discipline

Discipline, Self discipline, practice, consistency, etc words are often heard and associated with success & achieving goals. But why? Why should we do something boring consistently? Why not have a change or break the monotony? I guess many of us have these questions until we hear someone close to us say they had discipline & self control to have their goals achieved.

At that moment, we decide to build up self discipline & not procrastinate. But in a few days that enthusiasm fades away. Isn’t it?

Do you know Self Discipline can be a solution to many of your Problems?

Then what is Self Discipline?

Self Discipline is doing something essential for life/career/work consistently without consistently expecting immediate results. 

And, there might be times when you feel bored, tired, or start expecting results. But still, you do what you have to do. That is Self discipline.

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Why we should develop self discipline

Why Self Discipline?

  • Consistent efforts over a longer period.
  • Reduces Stress & Anxiety – When you are a disciplined person, you take efforts daily which makes your work easy over some time. And you focus on the work than the results which reduces stress & anxiety.
  • Improves Focus – As your mental ability & willpower increase with self discipline, your focus & concentration also increases.
  • Be a Happy Person – When you are happy & consistent with your efforts, you end up being happier as you have done your part.

We all know mental health is important in life. Do you know having a routine, being discipline & practising self control can have a great impact on our mental health?

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Do you know Self Discipline can be a solution to many of your Problems?

How to Build Self Discipline?

Knowing why you want to do something is very important. So a strong reason plays a big role in leading you the way. 

State clearly what you want to achieve

Your goals determine your path. You already know why this is your goal. Now clearly put measurable terms for your goal.

Know what is required to achieve your Goal

Every goal requires certain efforts to be taken in a consistent manner. Know & state them clearly. Let them be a part of your daily routine. It can even be meditation as well to keep you in a good space mentally.

Design your routine

Now design your routine keeping in mind the above parts. Design a practical routine giving yourself breathing space & space to enjoy what you love doing as well.

Self Control

Many a time we set a routine & keep following. But there might come a distraction that might set us off the routine. That is when we have to exercise self control.  We must stop that moment and differentiate what is necessary & what is not.

Practice with Discipline

Now comes the implementation part. You have to follow what you have set for yourself with utmost self discipline. There might be times when you would struggle. Acknowledge & make efforts to overcome them. Practice, practice, practice.

Measure your progress

Keep a check on your routine. You would fail. But keep moving ahead. Make corrections. And repeat. Once you are on track & understand the value of consistent work, you would not leave it.

How to Build Self Discipline- Revamp Mind

Life is a journey. We can take any path & walk anyway. But self discipline makes us walk the path which gives meaning to our life and leads us to our desired destination. If not anything, you don’t procrastinate & start taking action. Life gives us opportunities, but we have to take action to prepare ourselves to grab them. Discipline & self control can prove to be the best tools if you have the intention.

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