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All You Need to Know About- Copywriter, SEO Content Writer & More


Writing may be an art but good writing is a necessity for today’s online businesses and has evolved in many ways. There are different types of writers having expertise in their own forms like copywriter, content writer, technical content writer, SEO content writer, SEO copywriter etc.

Few may think it’s the same, some are still trying to figure out the difference but few digital nomads are well versed with content writing and copywriting and its nuances. But whatever your thoughts might be, it is one of the most lucrative career options you can have. There are many who write an article, ebooks, podcast descriptions, and web copies and cover many niche topics.

Copywriting vs Content Writing
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Many people still wonder if copywriter and content writer are the same. Let me shatter the myth and say ”NO”, they are as different as Jam and butter. Let’s see the details on Copywriting vs Content Writing.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing refers to creating content for digital marketing. It primarily concentrates on building engagement with the readers who over time, can turn them into trustworthy customers.

Content writing examples– Blog posts, videos, email, white papers, eBooks, podcasts, etc.

What is Copywriting?

Every company stresses this and wants users to take appropriate CTA (call to action). Here Copywriter comes into the picture as he/she focuses mainly on writing short-term content that would get sales. They craft compelling headlines to assist the customer to take some action like purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, signing up for a course, filling out a form, signup for a webinar, etc.

Copywriting examples- sales letter, landing page, ad copies slogans and taglines, catalogues, etc.

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We would be talking about copywriting vs content writing, differences in a bit. But before that let me familiarize you with a few other terms used in the creative writing space.

What is Copywriting?
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Content Strategist

They lead the brand’s entire content strategy. From creating the content calendar, and choosing how the content should look like when it should be published, they have a plethora of things to look at. They ensure that quality content goes out at the right time and the aspired marketing goals are accomplished.

Technical content writer

The technical content writer produces content in the form of blog posts, articles, eBooks, white papers, product reviews, product manuals, how-to guides, journal articles etc

Technical copywriter

These copywriters create documents like sales letters, landing pages, press releases etc and their main goal is to create documentation that would lead to sales.

SEO Content writing

SEO content writing is the knack for creating content that would improve organic traffic via search engines. Google sets a benchmark of good and bad content which plays a crucial role in your website ranking. So, a good SEO content writer considers all these aspects while writing the content.

SEO Copywriter

It’s a no-brainer, SEO copywriters target specific keywords and write compelling content that prompts users/ customers to take immediate actions like signing up for the event, booking a tour, purchasing a book, etc.

SEO Copywriting
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As promised earlier, now I am going to share a few key differences between content writing and copywriting.

Please Note: Copywriters also focus on and write long-form content (couldn’t edit the table content below)



Focuses more on long term content like blogs, emails, podcast, etc

Focuses on short term content like post copy, landing page, taglines, etc

Written to drive more organic traffic

Written to convert leads into sales

Main goal is to engage and inform

Main goal is to take action

Content writers are usually good and more focused on SEO

Copywriters writing may not be based on SEO however they may know about SEO

Content writers give information about products/services through their content. Type of indirect sales

Copywriters main aim to get sales/conversion through the written content

Usually contributes to a long-term strategy

The effectiveness is included in the short-term


Content writing and copywriting are like hands and gloves. We can use both of them to create a great synergy. While content writing will provide information to your customers, copywriting will help them to take the action at the right time.

Make it simple, memorable, inviting to look at and make it fun to read.”, says Leo Burnett

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