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Causes Of Mental Illness & How To Fight With A Mental Disorder

Like any physical health problem, a mental disorder is a common issue and should be taken seriously. As per the reports and surveys, every year, the number of cases increases not only in India but globally. The reason may vary from person to person, but one thing I want to assure you here is that it’s curable!

So, no need to get worried. If you feel, just observe your symptoms and take the necessary action.

Like any other essential part of our body, the brain, when affected for various reasons, creates a misbalance, which is termed a mental illness, mental disorder, psychological problems, or mental health issue. It includes problems like mental depression, anxiety disorder, eating disorder, and schizophrenia.

WHO definition says it involves significant disturbances in brain-based activities at the level of thought, emotion, and behavior, and that is true as well. Mental disorder symptoms can be stress, mood swings, restless and disturbing thoughts, breathlessness, and much more. If we consider WHO reports, 1 in 8 people in the world is living with this problem! That’s harmful to society. So this is high time we take mental health issues seriously.

Types of Mental illness

There are various types of mental illness (a few have been mentioned above)

  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Panic Attack
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Manic Depression
  • Chronic Depression
  • Multiple Personality Disorder
  • Split Personality Disorder
  • Eating Disorder etc

3 Common Causes Of Mental illness

If we talk about the causes of mental illness, we will find there is not any specific reason behind the mental disorder. Still, some biological, psychological, and environmental factors can be said to be responsible for mental health issues.

So let’s know in detail how they affect our mental health.

1] Biological Reason

Causes Of Mental Health Disorders & How To Fight With Mental Health Issue

Biological reasons relate to our body functioning. If a particular region of the brain is not functioning or responding, it creates problems at the level of the mind.

The chemical” neurotransmitters” that help the proper functioning of the nerves are sometimes unable to respond to the brain function, get affected, and create mental health disorders. Mental disorders can be controlled if proper treatment is given at the right time.

Secondly, Heredity may be the cause of mental illness. If anyone has psychological problems in the family, they can be carried forward to the next generation.

Thirdly, any infections or injuries can be the reason for mental disorders. For example, if someone is suffering from a pediatric autoimmune disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or any other mental disease, they are prone to affect by this mental health disorder.

2] Emotional Reasons

Causes Of Mental Health Disorders & How To Fight With Mental Health Issue

Emotional reasons are the major cause of mental illness. If someone faces emotional trauma, low phases, or unwanted situations in life, he may be affected by mental health disorders. If a person had a traumatic childhood, he/she is more prone to mental illness.

Here one thing should be taken care of only having negative thoughts sometimes does not mean that you are mentally affected until it affects your function and performance at the level of body, mind, and emotion.

3] Environmental Issues

Causes Of Mental Health Disorders & How To Fight With Mental Health Issue

Environmental issues cover a lot of factors like substance misuse (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.), overthinking, unnecessary fear, and stress. Some people can handle the circumstances of life, but some can’t, so negative thoughts can occur and become the reason for mental disorders.

How To Cure Mental Disorder Or Mental Illness?

Now, as we have discussed earlier, mental illness and psychological problems can be controlled if treatment is provided at the right time.

Please note:- mental health cannot be cured completely, it can only be controlled.

Still, for better treatment or results, first, you need to understand the type of mental illness the person is facing.

Causes Of Mental Health Disorders & How To Fight With Mental Health Issue

The diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM-5) by the American psychiatric association has stated the symptoms of each mental illness in detail. So as per these symptoms, a person should undergo that treatment. This treatment can be divided into different stages as per the seriousness of the disorder.

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How to cure mental health issue?

1] Primary Level Treatment

If you have symptoms of mental illness, you can overcome the situation at the primary stage. Talk therapy, also called psychotherapy, can work if you talk to your doctor without hesitation.

You can go to a psychologist or a therapist who can also heal you using cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, and other methods.

Do not hesitate to share your feelings, fear, anxiety, or other issues with your close ones so that you can release your thoughts. Releasing your emotions is great therapy. And if you are not comfortable talking to someone, then you need to go to a psychologist as they would help you without judging you.

Besides, try to add meditation or daily affirmations to your day-to-day life. Believe me; it casts a great impact on your mind and body.

2] Secondary-Level Treatment

If the psychotherapy and medication didn’t work, then the doctor goes for electroconvulsive therapy or repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, or deep brain stimulation. This treatment has its own benefits and risks.

Causes Of Mental Health Disorders & How To Fight With Mental Health Issue

With the consent of the family members, this treatment is provided to the patient. It also works as it’s part of the treatment but it only works when the case is a little serious.

3] Third Level Treatment

When the case becomes severe and the patient gets out of control, they must rush to hospitals. All the possible treatments and medications are given to the patient on the doctor’s advice. The patient has to stay at the hospital for a certain duration as the procedure needs time.

Final Thoughts.

As per the study reported by WHO, for the national care of medical health, India is the most depressed country in the world, followed by China and USA. The reason for the increasing no. of cases is ignorance. The people themselves don’t become aware of their mental disorder, and most who experience mental illness don’t get proper treatment.

So be aware of the symptoms and take care of your health.

Living with toxic people can increase your stress and anxiety levels and increase the chances of mental health issues. And it’s important to identify toxic people as they can use tactics like manipulation, gaslighting, victim card, guilt, anger, etc for their benefit.

This Ebook “Toxic People Learn to identify and handle them and rediscover yourself” – will help you to identify them, keep them out of your life and control your mental health issues. The ebook has essential steps in simple language that everyone can understand.

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So take the charge of your mental health and be bold enough to because you deserve a happy lifestyle.

Note: The above-mentioned information is written based on personal experience and research. Please note that the article writer or the book author isn’t a mental doctor but just a friendly guide to help you lead a cheerful life.

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