Why do Narcissist attract Empaths-Revamp Mind
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Why are Narcissists and Empaths Attracted to Each Other?

Sometimes, the saying- opposites attract can be harmful instead of being beneficial. Narcissists and Empaths are the best examples of this. Narcissist means toxic people also known as somebody with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). They have no empathy towards others and believe that there is no one above them. On the other hand, empaths are sensitive people who feel others’…

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balanced diet and healthy food
Food & Nutrition

5 Best Healthiest Foods to Eat | Indian Superfoods: Uses & Benefits

Eating Healthy Superfoods & Balanced Diet remains to be one of the integral activities of our day-to-day lives. A balanced diet is essential and Best Indian Superfoods or healthy food of course needs to be tempting and delicious. But remember that unhealthy food can be your health’s worst enemy if consumed often. Nutrient-rich foods give us the needed vitamins, helps grow muscles, and also…

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Mental Health

Characteristics Of A Mentally Strong Person

Strong minds suffer without complaining; Weak minds complain without suffering! Lettie Cowman We all have trigger points/saturation points in our lives where our mental toughness and well-being are tested. There could be many reasons for it. It might be a toxic friend or relationship, a colleague playing dirty politics, a dead-end job, a disturbing phase of life, etc. Whatever the…

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Mental Health

Controlling Negative Emotions

Emotions play a vital role in our everyday lives. Life and Emotions are inseparable, they are meant to be together. Whether you’re having a good laugh with a group of friends or feeling frustrated over something, these are all emotions. We know that the highs and lows that we experience in life can significantly affect our well-being. But, controlling these emotions…

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