Mental Health

Negative Emotions- Best Ways to Control Them

Emotions play a vital role in our everyday lives. Life and Emotions are inseparable, they are meant to be together. Whether you’re having a good laugh with a group of friends or feeling frustrated over something, these are all emotions. Emotions are of two types- positive and negative emotions. Today, we will talk about controlling negative emotions. We know that the…

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What Are Narcissistic Personality Disorder Symptoms & How To Get Rid Of Them?
Dealing with Toxic Relationships, Mental Health

What Are Narcissistic Personality Disorder Symptoms & How To Get Rid Of Them?

There are numerous people infatuated with themselves among the seven billion population, which contributes to the development of narcissistic personality. One of the common narcissistic personality disorder symptoms is that individuals focus on themselves and think they are superior to others. They either think of themselves as the most attractive, clever, and so forth. If they are criticized in any…

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Short Stories on TIme Management | Revamp Mind
Short Stories, Read & Grow, Stories that inspire

Importance of Time Management Through Stories

Since childhood, we have heard the famous phrase “time is money”. However, most of us do not understand its real value and thus, we are unable to achieve our goals in life. RevampMind is always a step ahead to help people maintain their living standards and manage life situations effortlessly. So, here, we talk about the importance of time management…

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Best Foods for Glowing Skin & Hair
Food & Nutrition, Health

11 Best Foods For Healthy Skin

One of the first things that the person notices in others are their skin. Although, there are many artificial creams, beauty products, and procedures available in the market. Foods for healthy skin are the natural way to go which you can sustain for a long time as well. People in many countries especially India are still obsessed with white skin…

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