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Mental Health, COVID Pandemic

Tips To Stay Positive During The Pandemic

Since 2020 the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic has caused havoc Even though things have got normal like before, but its difficult to stay positive all the time. COVID-19 has caused deaths, and scarcity along with long-term changes in our lives, and also hampered the economy increasing inflation and upcoming recession. This is indeed causing several mental health problems for…

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Why do Narcissist attract Empaths-Revamp Mind
Dealing with Toxic Relationships, Mental Health

Why do Empaths Attract Narcissists or Toxic People?

Sometimes, the saying- opposites attract can be harmful instead of beneficial. Narcissists and Empaths are the best examples of this. Narcissist means toxic people also known as somebody with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). They have no empathy toward others and believe that there is no one above them. On the other hand, empaths are sensitive people who feel others’ pain…

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Dealing with Toxic Relationships, Mental Health

5 Ways to Deal With a Narcissist- Understand Narcissistic Behavior & Act in the Right Way

Narcissists are extremely toxic individuals who have a need to be admired and feel superior to others at all times. They use others without any shame, guilt, or regret. One can lead a happier and calmer life If one understands narcissistic behavior. That would help them to react and respond in the right way. In the previous blog, we spoke…

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Mental Health

Negative Emotions- Best Ways to Control Them

Emotions play a vital role in our everyday lives. Life and Emotions are inseparable, they are meant to be together. Whether you’re having a good laugh with a group of friends or feeling frustrated over something, these are all emotions. Emotions are of two types- positive and negative emotions. Today, we will talk about controlling negative emotions. We know that the…

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