5 Powerful Women Roles in OTT
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5 Powerful & Strong Women Characters Roles in OTT – Revamp Mind

Entertainment has been a part of our everyday lives. Movies, series, cartoons, mini-series, and whatnot. For a long time, women’s role in society has been pre-defined but of late we have seen some badass strong women characters & Powerful Women Roles in OTT. The emergence of OTT (Over the Top) platforms and modern-day content has introduced us to some women…

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balanced diet and healthy food
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Superfoods list- 5 Best Indian Superfoods That You Should Never Miss

Eating Healthy food & Balanced Diet remains to be one of the integral activities of our day-to-day lives. Nutritious food and a balanced diet are essential, but also need to be tempting and delicious. But remember that unhealthy food can be your health’s worst enemy if consumed often. Nutrient-rich foods give us the needed vitamins, helps grow muscles, and also keep us in…

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Mental Health

Tips To Stay Positive During The Pandemic

Since 2020 the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic has caused havoc Even though the situation is getting better, but its difficult to stay positive all the time. COVID-19 has caused deaths, and scarcity along with long-term changes in our lives, and also hampered the economy increasing inflation. This is indeed causing several mental health problems to people. Now is the…

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Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage

Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage- An Unresolved Debate | Revamp Mind

Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage– This is an unresolved debate. Few people are for love marriage and against arranged marriage while others think the opposite is right. But the truth is- their is no right and wrong as it completely depends on an individual perspective. Introduction In love marriages, individuals choose partners on their own, while in the case of…

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