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Work From Home Job Options During The Lockdown

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The world is currently witnessing the outbreak of COVID-19/Coronavirus in all aspects of life. This is happening in all countries and industries. No predictions have been made about how long the impact of this pandemic will last. All businesses are experiencing challenges in acquiring & converting new clients, renegotiating the contracts, etc. Some companies are considering Work From Home (WFH) as a permanent feature. They have started researching and learning about its merits and demerits. Twitter and many other companies have announced a 100% Work From Home for their employees. The main challenge of WFH is to drive the same performance levels and maintain the quality and productivity of the work of the employees. People are looking for different work-from-home job options during the lockdown.

The pandemic is continuing to increase on a daily basis across the world.

Those who are quarantined and living in isolation, are waiting for the situation to get better. To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, offices are shut, while the government and healthcare professionals are working to prevent the nation from the disease. The employees will work from home till the end of July as the MNCs are temporarily closed. Many companies provided laptops, dongles, and other necessary devices to serve clients from home. But many people have lost their jobs as companies were laying the employees off.

Work-from-home job options during the lockdown
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Till the time we’re stuck at home, we can think to do something and take up a work from home job. Those who are suffering and are unemployed in this time of crisis can take up an online job. To make you deal with the tough time of this pandemic, we have listed down some work from home jobs that can help you earn a living and be productive. Let us know a bit about some options for work-from-home job options during the lockdown.

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Work-From-Home Job Options During The Lockdown

1. Web Developer:

Web Developer
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If you know website designing/web designing, then you can take up a web developer job and work remotely. There are ample opportunities for web developers. They can work as freelancers or part-timers. Companies pay a good amount for getting their websites designed. Web development is a service that is majorly outsourced by companies. Hence, it is quite easy to find work in this field. However, it is essential to identify your potential, build goodwill, and keep your service pricing reasonable.

2. Content Writing:

Content Writing
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Content Writing is the most admired profession with massive demand. A Content Writer can either write for a particular company or a website. If you have expertise in briefly researched and well-written web content, you may grab a Content Writing job. The recruiters keep looking out for resources who are experts in the same. If you have good command over grammar, a unique and appealing writing style, and you can write on different topics, then this freelance/part-time job is perfect for you.

3. YouTube:

You Tube
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Videos are the future of the digital world. If you’re not camera-shy and you can communicate well with the audience, then YouTube is the best platform to showcase. You can start a YouTube channel of your own, choose a type or subject that you want to create videos on, and get started! It can contain videos of cooking, dancing, inspiring stories, short films, etc. You can find many subscribers/takers on YouTube. You do not need a professional camera for recording videos, just a Smartphone with a good camera is sufficient. The videos work on a comparable model and make your channel popular once you start increasing your subscribers. As the number of subscribers & views increases, you will start earning once your channel is monetized.

4. Graphic Designer:

Graphic Designer
Credit: JotForm

If you have an interest in attractive & creative graphics, you can take up a Graphic Designing job and work remotely. For this, you have to be skilled in designing and you should know how to choose the correct graphic design for a particular piece of work. It is surely one of the most trending freelance jobs. You can prepare your portfolio and upload it on different search engines like or Upwork. One can earn a lot of money once you are well-versed with your work.

5. Social Media Marketer:

Social Media Marketer
Credit: Word Stream

Social Media Marketing comes under the vast Digital Marketing domain. As we are witnessing a boom in the digital and online world, it is proving to become an important resource for the industries and the market. If you are an expert and you are keen on exploring the social media world, this job gives you a chance to do so. Many businesses look for people to maintain their social media handles and work to improve their social media presence.

6. Freelance Recruiter

Freelance Recruiter
Credit: RecruitBPM

If you are an HR professional and have been working in the Recruitment branch, you can get a job in the same. As a freelance recruiter, you have to work on the given openings and headhunt people, if required. Freelance recruiters generally work on a commission basis. They earn a commission on the selection of each candidate. It can be a good option for HR professionals, especially females who are not planning to pursue a full-time job post lockdown.

7. Online Tutor

Online Tutor
Credit: Flex Jobs

If you have a qualification, degree, and skills to teach students online. You can have a specialization in any subject like Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, English, Economics, etc. If you currently have a batch of students, you can teach them through online mediums. To make a fresh start, you may create an account on and try your hands on it. Skype, Zoom, Discord, etc. are some web interface tools that help you to teach the students face-to-face. You can have students from around the world as they can join your class virtually. Moreover, you can choose your own schedule as a virtual tutor.

8. Data Entry

Data Entry
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A huge set of businesses look for people who could work to enter a set of data into their systems. The data could be of any type such as the data to track stock or shipments, create a business, make a consolidated list of products/services, or measure the performances. Computer and typing skills are most important for this job. The data entry workers work remotely in their spare time and maintain a schedule that fits their lives. You can look for plenty of data entry jobs on job search sites like, and many more.

How Can You Avoid Work From Home Scams?

Work-from-home job options during the lockdown
Credit: The Balance Careers

It is not easy to judge if a company is legitimate, because we often notice that some are professional scammers. These tips could help you to identify the scammers and to stay protected:

1. Verify from various online/offline sources to see if the said company is legitimate.

2. Ask essential questions about the job that would help you to check if they are genuine.

3. Check the company profile and reviews on Glassdoor.

4. Beware of the testimonials provided by the company and make necessary checks.


There could be many other work-from-home job options during the lockdown. One just needs to keep an eye and be ready to explore different opportunities. The above-mentioned job options would allow you to be your own boss and work according to your comfort and availability.

Don’t be busy; Instead, be productive!

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