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Toxic Relationships: Don’t Ignore These 7 Warning Signs

Toxic Relationship: Don't Ignore These 7 Warning Signs

We all wish to have a loving and fulfilling relationship that would last, for a lifetime. Sometimes, it turns out to be true, but sometimes, toxic relationships can make your life can become a living hell. Life gives us many clues but either we are so lost in the La-La land, too scared, or even too comfortable to move out.

But sticking with a toxic person or a toxic relationship for long can have destructive effects on your physical, mental, emotional, and financial well-being. A person in a toxic relationship is prone to chronic stress, anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental health issues.

Life gives us many clues to show that a relationship, is turning out to be a toxic one. The biggest is: when we get more unhappy moments than happy moments. It is vital to understand the signs of a toxic relationship and move out before it’s too late.

I interpret a quote recently that stands very true- “A wrong relationship will make you feel more alone than when you were single.”∼Unknown

Living with toxic people can affect your overall life. Give you constant headaches, stomach issues, sleep issues, stress, heart attack, anxiety, etc, and eventually lead to mental health issues

It’s important to identify if your partner is a toxic person or a narcissist as they can use tactics like manipulation, gaslighting, victim card, guilt, anger, etc for their benefit which can ruin your life.

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Notice Toxic Relationships pattern

I would like to share one incident, that I never seem to forget- a few years back, one of my close friends, was getting married. It was an arranged marriage.

My friend and her fiance had a courtship period of about eight months. During that period, my friend noticed that her fiance would give her lots of expensive gifts but would constantly taunt her and show off how much money, he is spending on her.

For the initial few months, she ignored these things, but with each passing day, his behavior started becoming more and more intolerable. He also started becoming extremely possessive and having insecurities in a relationship.

He wanted to know everything, about her personal life, like where she was going and with whom? Whom she was talking to? Her social media accounts information. He started pressurizing her to leave her job as well.

Finally, she started observing, the toxic/ unhealthy relationship signs and decided to end it. She tried speaking to her fiance but always felt like it was one-way communication.

She realized that she may never have any say in the relationship and spoke to her parents. Explained to them everything calmly and the marriage was called off.

God shows us many hints before marriage, but we keep ignoring them thinking that the situation might change after marriage or thinking about our family and society.

Apart from a few intolerable reasons like Infidelity or Abusive behavior, there are many other signs of a toxic relationship that clears out that your relationship would never be the way it was.

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No Love

Love is one of the biggest essences, in any relationship, but sometimes you reach a point in your life where you don’t feel love, concern, or care for the other person.

Criticism and Complaint

We all have imperfections and we know our partner’s flaws as well, but after some time, we start noticing only the imperfections and start feeling that he/she is the worst person on earth.

Every word they say becomes intolerable and starts pinching us. We are just not able to see any good in the relationship.

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ME instead of WE

A relationship is all about togetherness and good communication is key. The backbone of a healthy relationship is trust, mutual respect for each other, being available, understanding, and supporting each other at all times.

When we have more of ME and I instead of WE, the whole life becomes a struggle and we start seeing a downfall in the relationship. At this time most communication turns into a fight.

This usually happens when the person is not ready to change or adjust at all but wants their partner to change for them.

Opposites no longer attract

How many times we have heard these phrases: OPPOSITES ATTRACT

Surely, they do, but only to a certain extent. Too many differences, in terms of lifestyle, mentality, upbringing, and cultural differences bring an equal amount of complications and after a point, the couple finds it difficult to cope with each other.

Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy plays a very important role in, any relationship. Due to our lifestyle, the stress levels, and the pressure to excel at work.

The couple finds it difficult to spend quality time with each other, but the problem occurs, when you don’t want to squeeze out that little quality time as well.

Small gestures like giving each other a hug or holding hands become a thing of the past.

Keeping a Tab

Healthy communication is a must. But sometimes, it can turn into bitterness for the other person. Many times, partners start Keeping a tab on each other because there is no trust.

Every individual craves space and alone time. The problem occurs when concern becomes extreme possessiveness which turns into jealousy and insecurity eventually creating a rift between the partners.

Fights without communicating

The last but most important point is COMMUNICATION.

Most of the issues can be resolved if we start communicating with each other, leaving our, egos aside. Healthy and good communication can save many relationships.

Problems occur when everyone tries to put across their point with the hope that the other person would listen, but the opposite person is also hoping for the same.

They both keep on fighting, the whole day, without giving each other a chance to talk which leads to more misunderstanding.

They both keep on fighting, the whole day, without giving each other a chance to talk which leads to more misunderstanding.

So, to conclude, I would say that it’s important that we communicate like mature adults and try to understand things from each other’s perspectives as well.

It is always better to keep an eye on the signs of a toxic relationship and call it quits if necessary!

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