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Be Calm in Every Situation- Use These 12 Golden Tips to Become a Peaceful Soul

12 Simple Tips To Understand The Importance Of Being Calm In 2019

This incident happened in 2017, I was looking for a new job in the hastiest way possible. I tried every job portal, was stressed all the time and tried talking to all my friends, but in vain. This nearly happened for a week till the time I realized my folly. This incident made me realize why it’s important to be calm, especially during difficult times.

I started to stay calm and the next day itself, I got a call for the interview and guess what: I got the job.

This is just one of the incidents. Recently, I’ve encountered many similar situations that made me realize the importance of staying calm and relaxed. In this blog, we will learn how to calm your mind and stay calm even if the situation is against you.

I decided that this year would be the best year of my life, but to accomplish that I’d incorporate certain good habits into my daily routine. As a morning Ritual, I have started regular meditation that helps me to be calm in every situation.

In the past, I used to get anxious quickly (still do sometimes but working on it). I read many blogs on how to relax mind and always be calm. I started working on myself and this helped me to be calm in every situation. Here are a few tips that helped me to translate myself and teach me how to calm down in the stressful situations. I am sure, these tips will benefit you as well.

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12 Things to do to be Calm & Relaxed


Most of you might be thinking, “Oh god! Here comes the word again.” But believe me, you won’t understand the importance and the changes it brings (if done regularly) unless you try it for yourself.

A few weeks back, I started practicing Vipassana Meditation (You can find it on YouTube) and I started noticing that I don’t fret over small issues (like before) and I stay calm.


Doing Self Affirmation has always brought a smile to my face and no matter how shallow, I’m feeling, it (self-affirmation) always brings a new lease of confidence to me.

Just remember, to tell (self-affirmations) them as loudly as you can. A few affirmations that work for me are: “I keep getting money easily and frequently (courtesy-The Secret)” or “Today’s day is gonna be the most amazing day of my life”.

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Daily Journaling

I began this practice recently after watching a video on YouTube. And I can tell you from my experience, that this is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life and I should have started it a lot earlier.

Nevertheless, this habit has been really instrumental in aiding me to become a calmer person.

I write my weaknesses, gratitude in the morning, and before bedtime, I pen down: the life lessons learned (on that day) and a summary (brief of how the day went) of that day. I review this every week to see the changes in me.

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing is one of the most effective exercises that you should incorporate into your daily life to be calm and reduce stress. Inhale deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Do this for at least 2-3 minutes every day and soon, you would start noticing the difference. This (deep breathing exercise) is an immediate stress buster, so you should definitely try this if you are extremely stressed.


If you ask elders for advice on how to calm down, you would get this advice. Whenever I’m extremely stressed out and not able to think clearly, I reach out to my Aunt (Dad’s sister) Usha.

And I get only one piece of advice from her: Pray. According to the research, spirituality and prayers are considered to be the best stress busters and help people to calm down and cope with stress better.

Do what you love

It’s always good to be kind and but always remember the safety instructions given by the flight attendants: “In case of low air pressure, you must wear your Oxygen mask first before helping others.”

If you are tense, how can you make others happy?

So, always do what makes you happy, what you won’t do at that moment. And, I bet, That would help you calm down immensely.



If you want to be calm and manage stress, exercise is the best answer. Doing exercise regularly even at home or when you are tensed, releases Endorphins (happy hormones) which help to trigger a positive feeling in the body thus calming the mind.

So, Next time, you are stressed, rather than sitting on the sofa and hauling at your misery. Get up! Go for a walk or do simple jumping jacks at home.
I’m certain that you will feel better.

Watch Comedy

“Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but it surely will add life to your years.” – Unknown

This always works for me. Watch a funny video clip, web series, stand-up comedy, or any funny film. Explore what works for you and for some time, don’t think about work and just enjoy the moment.

Take a break and you will be back rejuvenated, calm, and beaming with confidence.

Motivational Videos/Speeches

I got introduced to the concept of self-help or motivational speeches in 2010. Since then, there was no looking back for me.

This is the first thing I do (whenever a good dose of stress reliever is needed) and I’ve never got disappointed. Head out for a walk, listen to Podcasts, motivational speeches, audiobooks, and motivational songs, or record your own self-affirmations on your phone.

All these things would certainly help you to calm down and reduce your stress level.

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Dance, like no one, is watching

Dancing not only helps us physically but also helps to calm our minds and alleviate our mental worries. Dancing has the ability to boost the mood almost instantly.

So, whenever you feel that headache or the stress levels going up, just put on your dancing shoes, play your favourite music, and dance to the glory.

Penning down your thoughts

I started this practice last year (when I was going through some tough times) and it helped me to be calm even when my mind would try and wander.
Write down all your worries on a piece of paper and how do you want them to get resolved?

When we are in a stressful situation, one mind gets cluttered and doesn’t allow us to think distinctly. Penning down everything helps us to de-clutter and calm down our minds.

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Shed your stress off

This might seem very funny to you, but, this stuff works! This suggestion was given to me by my friend.

Remember, the scene in the Hindi movie: Jab We Met, where Kareena Kapoor Khan gives a suggestion to Shahid to tear his girlfriend’s photo and flush it. When My friend gave me this idea, I too thought it was stupid, but I tried it thinking, “What’s the harm in trying”.

Write down whatever is bothering you. It can be a scenario or a person. Just tear off the paper (in which you have written the reason for worry) and burn it or flush it.

Conclusion- Learning to stay calm in stressful situations would also help you to have patience and lead a much happier life.


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