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10 Ways to Overcome Life Challenges & Tough Times Easily: Revamp Mind

Overcome Life Challenges and Difficult Times Easily: Self Improvement Blogs

Life is like a roller coaster ride with many ups & downs. We have to constantly work to overcome life challenges and tough times.

But the only person who can tackle everything with ease is “You”.
Yes, my friend! You heard it right.

You have the power to either magnify a situation so that it looks 10 times bigger than what it really is or make it minute.

People say that life is like a Mary-go-ride where you see many ups and downs. But, on the contrary, my life was the complete opposite of this. I saw more of a fall than a rise.

As a teenager, I suffered from chronic stress, and panic attack, and the thought of suicide crossed my mind several times, thanks to my difficult childhood. 

There is a time in your life when you hit the rock bottom for the 1st time, in 2009 when my mom passed away, and to add to the misery, I found out that my partner (whom I trusted the most) had been cheating on me for almost 4 years.

I felt like a fool (to trust a person so blindly) and I had to deal with this adversity for a long time accompanied by the feeling of helplessness, guilt, and loneliness.

Overcome Life Challenges and difficult times Easily: Self Improvement Blogs

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A Quick Guide to Overcome Obstacles in Life

Life took a 360º turn for me in 2010 when I came across the book: ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.

First time in my life, I realized the power of positive thinking, which changed my perception of life completely. I still face life challenges as they are part of life but I know I can quickly bounce back and look at the situation with a more optimistic approach.

Do you feel that people take advantage of you because you like helping others and can’t say “No”? But this leaves you with lots of stress, tiredness, irritability and no time for yourself.

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I would like to share a few things that I learned in this (positive) journey:-

Love Yourself 

The most important art that we all need to develop is Self Love. Stop blaming others and take ownership. Stand in front of the mirror and say loudly ‘I am the best and I can accomplish anything that I want or ‘I love myself’.
In the beginning, you might find this difficult but believe me, you will gain immense confidence with each passing day.

Take Care of Your Health

I cannot stress this more. You won’t be able to accomplish anything if your health is not in place.

So, make your health a priority and promise yourself, that this year, you would become the best version of yourself.

Eat healthily, do a regular workout, or keep yourself active in some way, sleep properly, drink at least 9-10 glasses of water every day, and do meditation regularly.

I had already hit thirty, by the time I realized, how much damage stress had caused to my body. By then, I’d already developed ulcers and Thyroid (thanks to the chronic stress and lifestyle).

Every individual experiences Stress, but it causes adverse effects on the body when we are not able to control it (and it turns into Chronic Stress).

Understanding your stress triggers and how you can control them (listening to music, reading motivational books, or watching comedy movies), can help someone in a great way to combat it.

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As mentioned in the previous point, we need to find different ways to reduce stress. One of the most effective ways is by Meditation. The medication also helps a lot to Overcome obstacles in life.

It is an extremely important exercise for our brain which helps to improve focus and calm the mind to a great extent.

I’ve started incorporating meditation as a daily morning practice this month and I am already feeling the difference.

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Forgive Others

As human beings, one of the most difficult things, we encounter is to forgive others and forget the past, but it is exceedingly significant.

We keep cursing/blaming others for our situation: it doesn’t hinder them but keeps us caged to that situation forever and surrounds our lives with negativity. Hence, always remember this mantra: forgive and forget.

Be Financially Independent – The most Important thing To Overcome Obstacles in Life

Being financially independent gives confidence to a person, especially a woman to stand for her rights and garner self-respect, take life-changing decisions like walking out of an abusive relationship and many more.

So, it is imperative to earn and save money.
To add to the bonus, during any difficult time or financial crisis, her financial support will be really appreciated by the family.

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The importance of Budgeting

There is a saying- “It doesn’t matter how much you make but how much you save”. I realized the importance of budgeting recently (after reading the book: I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi).

Make sure you create a budget every month either on an excel or a plain sheet so you can keep a track of your finances.

Trust me! you would be so proud of yourself when you have your finances in place and you won’t have to bow down in front of anyone for money.

Invest in Yourself

Learn a new skill, read books, analyze what you love, and try investing more time in that. In this technological age, it’s not difficult to acquire more knowledge about what you desire or have a passion for.

The more you learn, the more of an expert you become in that subject.

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Be Grateful

Obstacles are part of life but when you are grateful, it helps you to value even the smallest things and be positive in life. So, always be grateful for what you receive and everything you have. There are tons of people whose position is worse than us (they are scrambling to make ends meet, and struggle to catch even one meal to feed themselves and their families).

Always think of the masses who are below us and be grateful that our position is much better than theirs. This practice will also help you to stay grounded. 

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Do Things Alone

I used to feel very awkward earlier, especially when I had to go to a movie alone but now I cherish my alone time. Do things alone- whether it’s going to a movie, eating out, shopping or even travelling.

This would help you to become more independent. You can spend as much time as you want and the way you want.

Plus, you might even find new people and make great friends. So, it’s a win-win situation and will help you to easily conquer the obstacles.


Develop a ‘Let It Go’ Attitude

The final point that I would like to bring up, is to evolve a ‘let it go’ attitude.

You would have to practice this regularly to master it, especially if you are naive, but once, this becomes a part of your personality, you would be a different person altogether.

You will see life in a positive way and won’t get bogged down by others’ comments or judgement (about you). 

Those people, who love to talk or criticize others (especially behind your back), will continue doing it, irrespective of what you do. So, it’s always better to ignore those people and work on improving yourself.

If you follow all the above-given ways to Overcome obstacles in life, I can bet, you will be always happy and never worry about How to Find Happiness.


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