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How to be Happy – 9 Best Ways to Always Stay Happy in Life

9 Easy Ways To Find Happiness

For years, human has been looking for answers to questions like- how to be happy, what is happiness etc. According to behavioural scientists, happiness is a habit that can be built over time.

The path to Find “Happiness” might be different for everyone but the ultimate destination is the same- to enjoy and treasure every moment of your life. You deserve to be happy because you are alive.

In today’s time, one of the most searched questions is – how to stay happy or how to be happy in life. We are constantly finding ways to feel happy. But the problem is that everyone seeks happiness outside but forgets to look at the place where it is most likely to be found- within ourselves.

One major key to Happiness is to accept the way you are, be grateful for it and make the most out of the moment. You will start experiencing the true joy of living when you start looking at the brighter side of life.

9 Easy Ways To Find Happiness

The majority of people are stuck in the rut of living in the past as well as the future. But the thought-provoking question is- Will worrying change the situation? No!!

While doing this you miss out on the fun of living in the present and start worrying about the unknown. I believe that it is a very human act to worry about the future but not dwell upon failures much, as things do not always go as the plan.

But that’s the beauty of life. It’s like a roller coaster. Full of ups and downs. So time to silence your inner critic, and make future goals but don’t forget to live for today.

If one door closes, run to the next one or break down a door – well said by Brooke shields, so be happy as life itself is a blessing and not enjoying it is a curse. 

Practice Happiness by following a few daily hacks:

1. Take a break from social media like Facebook and Instagram

Yes, a digital detox is extremely important for a healthy body, mind, and soul.

Switch off your phone or logout out from social media for a few hours. You will realize the genuine things that you miss.

In the world of digitalization, you have forgotten the ways to find real happiness and go on a streak of comparing yourself with others.

9 Simple Ways To Find Happiness

The eccentric lives of others where you see them: globetrotting, flaunting their expensive purchases, and sharing some adorable photos on Instagram make you where the fake showoff glasses and you start going on the comparison spree.

Switch off your phone or logout out from social media for a few hours. You will realize the genuine things that you miss.


2. Develop relaxed nature

Positive and jovial-natured people are loved by everyone as they fill the space with joy and vibrancy.

So, develop the traits of an easy-going, optimistic and fun-loving individual to become the life of every party.

3. Be less reactive to stress

Choose responsiveness over reactiveness. A person acting responsively can handle situations in a calm and fair way. On the other hand, handling situations reactively may tend to worsen the whole scenario.

We all know that a person can’t think straight when in anger or stress. Hence you must deal with the situation calmly and consciously.

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4. Exercise

Often the answers to questions like how to be happy come from small changes like Exercise. This plays a major role in accelerating your happiness as it keeps you healthy and light.

It also releases stress hormones by releasing endorphins (a chemical that helps in relieving pain or stress) and eventually elevates your mood.


5. Say “No” to Futile things

It may be a very small word but takes an enormous amount of courage to say. You would always find happiness standing away from you till the time you start saying ‘NO’.

Kick off the habit of saying no to all the futile things and you would find so much time for yourself.

6. Forgive and forget

It is easily said than done but succeeding to do this might be a path-breaker for you. To forgive someone for their sins takes practice and a big heart.

It is said that weak-willed take revenge, while strong and intelligent people, forgive and forget. Remember you are not doing this because they deserve forgiveness but for your own mental peace.

Next time a toxic person tries to invade your happiness, just ignore and remind yourself “FORGIVE and FORGET.

How To Be Happy?

7. Incorporate Acceptance To Find Happiness

Acceptance leads to happiness. It’s a universal truth, finding solutions for a problem becomes easier once we acknowledge the reality.

So, keep your EGO aside, admit your mistakes and then see how things start turning around.

8. Listen to your heart and be yourself

A well-said a quote by Steve Jobs is- “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. Happiness is being at peace with yourself.

The best way to live your life is to listen to your heart and do what feels right. If one door closes, keep looking out for windows. Do what gives you joy without listening to the “what will people say” noise banging on your head.

The brutal truth is life is, that it is too short to be lived for someone else. Don’t allow someone else to paint your life picture, you become the Picasso of your life.

9. Go, Solo

Why do you always expect a company? Have you ever tried doing things alone? Trust me, it is a lot of fun.

Being alone empowers you. It helps you to know yourself better. So, what are you waiting for? Spend some quality alone time: go for a movie, shopping, take yourself to a fancy dinner, grab a drink at the bar or just pack your bags and take a solo trip.

When we travel alone, our perspective towards life changes. Our senses get alert and we start valuing ourselves more. This helps you to go on yet another joyful ride of life.

Few changes can help you reinvent the wheel of life and give it a new direction.  It is your fundamental right, do not give it up for anyone to find happiness.

We hope this blog helped you find your answers to simple questions like how to be happy in life.

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