5 Places to Visit on the Puna Coast of Hawaii, USA

Best Places to Visit in Puna Coast of Hawaii, USA

Are you an adventurist or nature lover? If yes, then there are loads of places to visit in Hawaii.

Puna Coast in Hawaii is one such place to roam around if you plan a vacation to the USA. But before you leave for the Puna Coast, you must check all the details and essential things to pack. As all the places around the Hawaii Coast are amazing and attractive, you should never miss the chance to enjoy it fullest.

You can also click your selfie on Volcano Island. Don’t be afraid! The volcanoes are not dormant.

However, the area was once devastated by lava but now turned into a beautiful scenario. You can also visit the Black Sand Beaches with brilliant coastal views. You can experience a different world with lots of lava fields around the Puna Coast.

5 Best Places Around Puna Coast To Visit in Hawaii, USA

When you plan for places to visit and roam around the Puna Coast, you must check out the below-mentioned places as well to take a full ride of your adventurous journey.

1] Kaimu Black Sand Beach

Puna Coast Nearby Places to Visit

When you plan for places to visit in Hawaii, you should include Kaimu black sand beach in the list. You know that Kaimu Beach has gone through cruelty from Mother Nature. The Red Lava was all over there in 2018; as a result, it has been turned out in Black Sand Beach now. Aftermath, this place became so beautiful and amazing that no one could resist themself not visiting there.

When you visit there, you will find black stones below the cliff and on the edges of the beach. All the palm trees in line make this place ideal for a perfect click. You can also enjoy 10 minutes of walking on the black sand beach.

Note: This Kaimu Beach in Puna is also known as “New Kaimu Black Sand Beach.”

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2] Red Road Hawaii

Puna Coast Nearby Places to Visit

On this big island, the best scenic and amazing drive can be seen through the road that runs along Puna Coast. This particular road is termed Red Road and is often stated as Route 137 or Kapoho Kalapana Road.

This Route 137 hardly lasts 30 minutes if traveled continuously, but the trail’s scenes seem exponentially great.

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3] Kahena Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

Best Places to Visit in Puna Coast of Hawaii, USA

Similar to Kaimu Beach, Kahena Beach is absolutely black and beautiful. All the places on the big island had turned black but, nature’s beauty seemed more stunning, glamorous, and astonishing. Its trail is found on the offside of the red road so, keep going until you find Kahena Beach.

4] Lava Tree State Monument

Best Places to Visit in Puna Coast of Hawaii, USA

Another beautiful place on our list is the lava tree state monument. Because of the lava expansion, lava went a step ahead to climb the trees on this big island. All the trees around Hawaii seem turned into a monument, making it more beautiful and perfect.

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5] Pohiki Black Sand Beach

Puna Coast Nearby Places to Visit

Yet another black sand beach named Pohiki often referred to as Issac Hale Black Sand Beach. The dormant volcanoes burst off, and its red lava leaves behind black sand to enhance its beauty. Pohiki Black Sand Beach is situated along the Puna coast and at either end of the red road.

In case you are an animal fond then, these places are all about bio-diversity. Moreover, Mother Nature becomes more lucrative at the time of dusk and dawn. So, pack your bags now and leave for Hawaii’s Puna Coast situated in the USA (United States of America).

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