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All About Anxiety Disorder – Symptoms, Treatments, and More

The Best Anxiety Disorder Treatments – Get Rid of Toxic People

Anxiety disorder and mental health cases have increased a lot more since Covid. But many people are still unaware of there this.

Do you know ……..?

  • The types of anxiety disorders?
  • What are the symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • What are the stress and anxiety symptoms?
  • How to overcome panic disorder symptoms?
  • What are social anxiety symptoms?
  • How to do panic disorder treatment?
  • What are anxiety attack symptoms?
  • The Best treatment for anxiety attacks?
  • How to handle separation anxiety disorder?
  • The right anxiety disorder treatments?
  • How to do anxiety treatment at home?

Probably, you would be familiar with a few terms. But you will be wondered to know that anxiety disorders are common nowadays in the majority of the population. The most common reason is the changing lifestyle.

Shocked to know?

Well! Let’s understand what anxiety is and how to identify and treat them to live a happy life.

Anxiety Disorder/ Depression And Anxiety – A Quick Fact

“Remove Yourself from people who treat you like your time doesn’t matter, your feelings are worthless, or your soul is replaceable.”

The above-mentioned quote is from the ebook, Toxic people: Learn to Identify & Handle them & Rediscover Yourself by Nitya Rambhadran. Scroll down to check more details about the ebook.

Today, in the world, around 31% of the total population is falling prey to anxiety disorder. And can suffer from many other mental health illnesses like – panic attack, social anxiety, anxiety attack, panic disorder, OCD, gad, PTSD, phobia, and much more.

Unfortunately, anxiety disorder or even mental health is still not treated as a major illnesses. It is underdiagnosed and undertreated. If you are experiencing anxiety occasionally, then it is normal. But if an individual is suffering from frequent restlessness, that is the case of anxiety disorder.

Let’s first understand the term anxiety and then how the book “Toxic People- learn to identify and handle them and rediscover yourself” by Nitya Rambhadran (founder of Revamp Mind) will guide you with anxiety disorder treatments.

What Is Anxiety?

Generalised anxiety disorder in adults

It is a natural response to stress by our body. Anxiety is a feeling of fear about what is to come. For example, a job interview or the first day in school or college, or giving a speech makes us anxious due to performance pressure or fear of facing people.

People may face Performance Anxiety, separation anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, health anxiety, and so on. For every individual, anxiety varies according to their thought of fear.

What Is Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety disorder is a type of mental health condition. If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, then you may respond to certain things in a very abnormal way. You will also notice physical signs of anxiety-like palpitation and sweating sometimes.

Types of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder makes life very difficult to get through the day. Here are a few common types of anxiety disorders mentioned below: –

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): When anxiety leads to a distressing event.
  • Panic Disorder: When you experience panic attacks at unexpected times. The person who suffers from this always lives in fear of the next panic attack.
  • Illness Anxiety Disorder: It is also known as Hypochondria which is related to health.
  • Phobia: When you fear any particular object, creature, situation, or activity.
  • Separation Anxiety Disorder: It is a fear of leaving alone away from loved ones or away from home.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder: Fear of being judged by others.

Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Anxiety disorder symptoms

Anxiety definition is different for the person experiencing it. It can make you feel like butterflies in your stomach to a racing heart. A few common anxiety attack symptoms are;

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Increased heart rate
  • Rapid breathing
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Restlessness

Expert Guide To Deal With Anxiety Disorder | Anxiety Disorder Treatments

There are several ways to deal with restlessness. If the level is at the beginning, you can do anxiety disorder treatments by yourself. You can keep yourself physically and mentally fit, learn about the disorder, identify your trigger point and stick to your treatment plan.

Best Anxiety Disorder Treatments – Get Rid of Toxic People

However, you need a practical guide for anxiety treatment at home and to overcome anxiety disorder forever. Here, the ebook ‘Toxic People- learn to identify and handle them and rediscover yourself” by Nitya Rambhadran (founder of Revamp Mind)’ will serve the purpose of an expert guide.

Read the ebook, where you get all the best practical ideas to deal with a generalized anxiety disorder or gad in adults. Following the story, you will learn the art of being happy and living a positive life.

Toxic People – A Book By Nitya Rambhadran

The book deals with anxiety disorder symptoms and problems. The handy anxiety disorder treatment book will guide you to deal with toxic people and how one can maintain a distance from toxic ones. The author, “Nitya Rambhadran,” has written this e-book which includes her life experiences as well.

She has suffered from anxiety due to a traumatic childhood and toxic people for many years and has worked hard to overcome anxiety. This ebook will help all those who feel trapped, feel worthless, had a difficult childhood, have low self-esteem, are people pleasers, and always live by others’ rules.

Nitya has divided the book into six chapters, as mentioned below-

  • Childhood Trauma & its effects
  • Living for Others
  • Worst People on Earth
  • Love turned sour
  • Stress, mental health & anxiety
  • Revamp Your Life for a Better You
Toxic People - eBook by Nitya Rambhadran

In her book, Nitya speculates a very common thing, i.e., we get a piece of advice from every second person to stay away from toxic people and learn to love ourselves. But Does it actually work?

What if the toxic ones come to us for a conversation? None has given any idea or tips on how to deal with it.

In this ebook, she guides the readers on how to deal with people, from your family members like your parents, brothers, sisters, and partner. She mentions tips on what to do and how to tackle those scenarios.

The author states that one cannot just be cut off from the family. You need to manage them to avoid affecting your mental health.

In the book, she also talks about the people who suffer from toxic relationships and constant physical and emotional abuse. Nitya talks about the mentality of toxic people and narcissists.

Innocent people always keep on thinking; about why these things only happen to them. The individuals think that faults are from their side.

The author throws light on toxic relationships and why individuals suffer. They are extremely unaware of the signs of toxic relationships and symptoms of depression and anxiety. Finally, they end up hurting themselves.

One major thing that she brings into the light is childhood which plays a crucial role in our character-building.

For example, if you have a loving and caring childhood, you are more likely to grow as a positive, confident and secure character. But if things are not favorable, then it will lead to a traumatic childhood.

If you want to take charge of your life, get this book now to learn the hidden secret. It is available on Amazon, Kindle, and other popular online bookstores. Just you need to search – “Toxic People by Nitya”, and you will find the book.

Alternatively, purchase it from an authentic source by clicking the link below.

eBook – Toxic people: Learn to Identify & Handle them & Rediscover Yourself

Disclaimer – We aren’t doctors. The above-mentioned information and the guide are based on the author’s personal experience, research, and the book “Toxic People” written by Nitya Ramhadran.

It’s Time to Act!

The author has written the book well with flawless sentences. The language is easily accessible and captivating. Here, in the book ” ‘Toxic People- learn to identify and handle them and rediscover yourself” by Nitya Rambhadran (founder of Revamp Mind)”, you will get to learn how to identify toxic people and deal with them.

You will also know – How you can take charge of your life and be a confident, positive, and self-loving person. The book will guide you in dealing with depression and anxiety. You will learn to identify social anxiety symptoms and treat social anxiety disorder.

It is a self-help book and will guide you in different aspects of life with anxiety treatment at home. The author says; it doesn’t matter whether you are 18 or 50; if you want to change your life, you can do it anytime. In a nutshell, this unique book comprises treatment for anxiety attacks due to toxic people & anxiety disorder.

Watch the below video which has over 13,000 views and has helped many people.

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