6 Reasons: Why You Should Dream Big In Life

Most of us has some dream that we want to achieve, no matter if its small or big. Achieving small dreams is not difficult but making your big dream a reality needs hard work and sheer commitment.

I’ve always been a big dreamer.

I remember as kids, me and my cousin excitedly, used to chat about our fantasies. We would eat Chocolate’s to our heart’s content from our father’s chocolate factory, have a pair of new uniform and dresses every day and will always move around in our chauffeur driven luxury vehicles.

Of course, we became more realistic as we grew up, but the dreamer in me never died. Although, dreaming is the first process. But as they say, dreaming without any Action (to achieve the dreams) is just visual thinking which might never come to life. So, our manta should always be ”Work Hard Dream Big

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”—Eleanor Roosevelt.

6 reasons: Why You Should Dream Big In Life

It is really easy to become eclipsed by our current situation or surrounding. As they compel us to believe, that it may be possible for others, but not for me. The lone thing that is keeping us from accomplishing anything in life is- ourselves. We suffer from so many mental blocks like: fear of failure, fear of rejection, procrastination, moving out of the comfort zone, People’s opinion and the list goes on and on. The above list don’t enable us to achieve what we desire.

Talking from personal experience, in the journey of achieving your dreams: you change as a person. So, read the blog till the end to find out some great points on “how you can achieve all your dreams”.

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One of the crucial changes you develop is: Change in the Mindset or Attitude. Your belief system improves and you constantly strive to become more optimistic person.

Change in the mindset does not happen overnight and requires sustained practice. One way to do that is, by replacing the negative thought instantly to a positive one.

One creative way of overpowering the negative thought is, “Imagine it (negative thought) to be a Mosquito and you hit it as soon as it creeps into your mind.


“Life without a destination is like, a life without direction”, where you just walk aimlessly (wherever you see route) without the realization of, where you’re heading to.

Along the path of reaching for your dreams, we tend to become more focused.

But, I agree that in the 21st Century, we induce a big problem focusing on one thing for a long time (thanks to the numerous gadgets), however, two things that have helped me immensely are: Meditation and Removing Distractions.

To avoid distractions: Switch off your TV and most important, keep your cellphone on ‘Flight mode’ if you are not expecting any important call or at least close your dear friends like Watsapp, Facebook, YouTube etc.

Timely Action

Big dreams eventually allow us to eliminate procrastination from our lives and incorporate timely actions. As, we are focused on our goals, we usually set a time to finish the task and customarily complete it.

The best method to accomplish any big goal is to divide them into smaller clumps. Ex- If your aspiration is to go to Europe next year, makes an estimate and set about saving certain amount every month beginning today or start a mutual fund for your travel maybe for twelve months.

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Dreaming is a desire that comes from within. Because, it is our dream, it ignites a passion within us and we should strive hard to achieve them. Along the way, we may definitely encounter numerous challenges, however, always remember that these challenges make you stronger and they are like a stepping stone ultimately helping you to stretch to the milestone.

Let Go ‘Fear’

As I said earlier, most people do not achieve their dreams due to multiple reasons, one of being: Fear (fear of failure or fear of rejection).

Merely, the history proves that anyone who has accomplished anything, in life or reached to the great height, has done it after a many failures and overcoming his fears. Whenever you fear something- Just think, ‘I can do it’ and just take action.

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People say, day dreaming is bad; however, visualizing your goals would actually bring you closer to your dreams. But an important point to remember, is that none of your dreams will come true unless you put action to make it a reality. Writing your goals on a piece of paper and visualizing about the end result would help you to achieve them faster.

As it has been said in the movie: Om Shanti Om- “Agar kissi cheez ko dil se chaho, toh purri kaynat use tumse mil wane mein lag jaati hai.” (Translation: “If you really desire something, the whole universe will conspire to give it to you.”)
So friends, do not be scared to dream… DREAM BIG and work on it.