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5 Powerful & Strong Female Character Roles in OTT

5 Powerful Women Roles in OTT

Entertainment has been a part of our everyday lives. Movies, series, cartoons, mini-series, and whatnot. For a long time, women’s role in society has been pre-defined but of late we have seen some badass strong female character & Powerful Women Roles in OTT.

The emergence of OTT (Over the Top) platforms and modern-day content has introduced us to some strong women characters as a motivational story. With technology’s rise, OTT has taken over the cable as a new form of entertainment. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Hotstar, and we are obsessed.

OTT has changed the way we see characters and they have developed over time. In this article, I present the 5 wonderful strong female characters that evolve on OTT.

Villanelle (Killing Eve – Amazon Prime, BBC America)

Villanelle - Powerful Women Roles in OTT
Credit: The Marysue

Played by the British actor Jodie Comer, Killing Eve’s Villanelle is a trained psychopath killer who works for a crime syndicate called The Twelve. Villanelle is fun to watch, her kills give chills, she is funny and an enthusiastic killer and she hones her skills.

She is stylish, intelligent, beautiful, wicked, childish, and fun. Villanelle gave Jodie comer a push to her career, bagging an Emmy and Bafta making this strong women character memorable and one of the best characters played by a woman. Trust me you will love this killer’s fashion sense with the strong female character.

Wendy Byrde (Ozark – Netflix)

Netflix show- Ozark
Credit: NME

One of the strong female characters in the Netflix show – Ozark. Laura Linney, Wendy plays in Ozark as a supportive wife and a mother, helping her husband, trying to save the family from the Drug lords.

Wendy Byrde goes to a great extent joins hands with the drug lords to make the route safe for her family. Her character is emotionally strong, powerful, and a risk-taker.

Her performance added an Emmy nomination in her kitty paving the way for different roles that women play on screen.

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Mrs. Maisel (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Amazon Prime)

Rachel Brosnahan - A Powerful Women Roles in OTT
Credit: Pressroom. Lexus

This Emmy-winning character portrayed by Rachel Brosnahan is one of the best female characters to see on the screen. She makes you laugh, cry, and take you on a joy ride.

Her mission to be the comedy queen is hilarious. She is an absolute beauty with brains. Women can’t do comedy, who said that? Mrs. Maisel is a fine example of breaking stereotypes.

Alicia Florrick (The Good Wife – Amazon Prime)

Julianna Margulies
Credit: Marie Claire

Alicia Florick is fierce, a modern woman, confident and pretty. She is the one who transforms from shy to a ruthless woman, that is really a motivational story. She takes over the courtroom drama saving the dignity of her arrested husband.

Julianna Margulies played this Good Wife character that shows the journey of Alicia Florick. Starting up a new life, renewing her love life, building friendships, and winning cases but gets lost in her own web.

Frankie Heck (The Middle – Amazon Prime)

Frankie Heck (The Middle - Amazon Prime) - Powerful Women Roles in OTT
Credit: TV Insider

This is one of the most underrated characters I personally love. Played by Patricia Heaton, this “The Middle” character is all about keeping the family together, no matter what. From handling a rude boss to her quirky and crazy children, Franie does it all, however all she needed was a happy family.

She supports and stands during the highs and lows supporting her husband making their children grow and give the best. With the era of OTT, roles have evolved, and women’s roles are shown in different shades.

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Powerful Women Roles in OTT
Credit: Wallpaper Cave

Gone are the days when women roles were just the love life of a guy, they’re taking up more screen space with more content and strong women characters. These are the few strong female character to binge-watch on Netflix and other OTT platforms.

These bold roles not just break the stereotypes but also give more scope to women on screen. These bold & strong women characters is a huge shift in the entertainment industry and I hope this remains for long with stronger roles emerging from more women, inspiring others to take up acting.

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