Why do Narcissist attract Empaths-Revamp Mind
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Why are Narcissists and Empaths Attracted to Each Other?

Sometimes, the saying- opposites attract can be harmful instead of being beneficial. Narcissists and Empaths are the best examples of this. Narcissist means toxic people also known as somebody with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). They have no empathy towards others and believe that there is no one above them. On the other hand, empaths are sensitive people who feel others’…

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Digital Marketing

How Social Media Marketing for Business is Helpful? – The Answer Is Here

Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with web access. Social Media includes Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc; while Social Media Marketing (SMM) refers to the use of social media websites and social networks to plug a company’s products and services. The best Social Media Marketing Strategy can be used for marketing purposes and helps to increase online visibility for the business. SMM enables the…

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Short Stories on TIme Management | Revamp Mind
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Short Stories on Time Management – Advantages

Since childhood, we have heard the famous phrase “time is money”. However, most of us do not understand its real value and thus, we are unable to achieve our goal in life. RevampMind is always a step ahead to help people maintain their living standards and manage life situations effortlessly. So, here, we have come up with some Short Stories…

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Build These Attitude

5 Steps To Success

What is Sucess? Is it something that comes from the inside or by achieving the desired goal? Well, the dictionary meaning of Success is, “the fact that you have achieved what you want; doing well and becoming famous, rich, etc.”. We often observe successful people and try to research their success stories. We often seek inspiration and observe people who…

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Unemployment During Lockdown In India – Effects, Tips & Hope
Career, Job & Career Tips

Pandemic Unemployment During Lockdown In India – Effects, Tips & Hope in COVID-19

Pandemic Unemployment during the lockdown in India due to COVID-19 pandemic, has been drastically increased. With so many people out of work and looking for jobs, many people are demanding that the government should design programs to help the unemployed find jobs but that’s not so easy. It measures the strength of the job market. No doubt, the Corona pandemic…

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4 C’s Of An Effective HR Manager

Do you think you can get a job without HR’s help? 99% of my lovely readers would agree with me and say NO. But the harsh truth is that hardly does an HR’s work gets counted. The human resource department & human resource management is the most important part of organizations. We can surely say that HR is the backbone…

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