Self discipline
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Do you know Self Discipline can be a solution to many of your Problems?

Discipline, Self discipline, practice, consistency, etc words are often heard and associated with success & achieving goals. But why? Why should we do something boring consistently? Why not have a change or break the monotony? I guess many of us have these questions until we hear someone close to us say they had discipline & self control to have their…

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Overcome Life Challenges and Difficult Times Easily: Self Improvement Blogs
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10 Ways to Overcome Life Challenges & Tough Times Easily: Revamp Mind

Life is like a roller coaster ride with many ups & downs. We have to constantly work to overcome life challenges and tough times. But the only person who can tackle everything with ease is “You”.Yes, my friend! You heard it right. You have the power to either magnify a situation so that it looks 10 times bigger than what…

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Dealing with Toxic Relationships

5 Ways to Deal With a Narcissist- Understand Narcissistic Behavior & Act in the Right Way

Narcissists are extremely toxic individuals who have a need to be admired and feel superior to others at all times. They use others without any shame, guilt, or regret. One can lead a happier and calmer life If one understands narcissistic behavior. That would help them to react and respond in the right way. In the previous blog, we spoke…

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Why do Narcissist attract Empaths-Revamp Mind
Dealing with Toxic Relationships

Why do Empaths Attract Narcissists or Toxic People?

Sometimes, the saying- opposites attract can be harmful instead of beneficial. Narcissists and Empaths are the best examples of this. Narcissist means toxic people also known as somebody with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). They have no empathy towards others and believe that there is no one above them. On the other hand, empaths are sensitive people who feel others’ pain…

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